Gluten-Free Restaurants @ MOA

In honor of National Celiac’s Awareness Day [Tuesday], my co-worker and I found some hot-spots for gluten-free dining around Mall of America®. Enjoy!

1) Ruby Tuesday (Level 2, North) – Try the Barbeque Grilled Chicken.

2) Twin City Grill (Level 1, North) – Grilled Scottish Salmon is delicious!

3) Chipotle (Level 3, South) – Have a Burrito Bowl or Salad with all the to-die-for toppings!

4) Baja Sol (Level 3, South) – They substitute corn tortillas with your meal.

5) Cadillac Ranch (Level 3, South) – The Texas Wings are amazing!

6) Buffalo Wild Wings (Level 3, South) – Try the Traditional Wings with Honey Barbecue sauce and Buffalo Chips with cheese.

7) Napa Valley Grill (Level 2, West) – Rustic, wine country cuisine that provides a special menu upon request

8) See’s Candies (Level 2, North) – Almost everything is gluten free, so hurry over to try their amazing peanut brittle.

One thought on “Gluten-Free Restaurants @ MOA

  1. FYI – wings are fried, as are the buffalo chips at BWW so for those with Celiac they’re out!  As are chips from Baja Sol and you should ask if they warm your corn tortillas on the same grill they do the flour tortillas because then those are out too.  Celiac means cross-contamination is a big issue.

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