[Beauty Focus] Nail Art

Innovative nail art is stealing the show as this year’s must-have accessory (see: Zooey Deschanel’s tuxedo nails)! We’ve seen it all from simple stripes and polka dots to intricate catwalk inspired motifs.

Like most of you, we couldn’t help but adopt this trend with a twist. I found this colorful iPhone case at J.Crew (Level 2, South) and didn’t think twice before purchasing it. What better of a design to emulate in my first beauty focus post? I hope this easy step-by-step how-to will help you channel your creative side, too :)

Featured polishes:

Navy blue @ Urban Outfitters (Level 1, West). $20 for 6-piece Nail Set.

Light teal @ Urban Outfitters (Level 1, West). $20 for 6-piece Nail Set.

“Tart Deco” by Essie @ Sears (NE Court). $8.50.

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