[Giveaway] A chance to win $5,000 from Publishers Clearing House

Thank you readers for all of your comments. Congratulations to our 25 winners!

Publishers Clearing House kicks off 20th Anniversary celebration of Mall of America® with $7,000 in cash and prizes on January 20!

On Friday, Jan. 20, Publishers Clearing House will surprise Mall guests with $7,000 in cash and MOA™ gift cards to kick off the 20th Anniversary of Mall of America. The Mall will celebrate 20 years of fun on Aug. 11, 2012 and has many events planned for a year-long celebration.

During the live broadcast of “Twin Cities” Live on KSTP in the Rotunda, one lucky audience member will win $5,000 from Publishers Clearing House. An additional $2,000 will be given away in a variety of denominations throughout the day, so guests are encouraged to stop by as they might win anywhere from $100 to $500. Mall-goers will also have an opportunity to register for the Publishers Clearing House “Win $1 Million Every Year For Life” event, which culminates with a February 29 winner announcement during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

The “Twin Cities Live” show will feature segments about Mall of America including a Princess Diana-inspired fashion show with Trend Specialist Sara Rogers in promotion of the upcoming Diana: A Celebration exhibition, the secrets of Mall of America and much more.

How do you win? Comment below with your favorite Mall of America memory and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to be in the live audience for the Twin Cities Live broadcast on Jan. 20, 2012 which is your ticket to be one of 300 entered to win the $5,000 grand prize. To enter, you must comment on this blog post by Monday, Jan. 16 at noon and provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. You MUST be available to be at Mall of America on Jan. 20, 2012 for the broadcast from 2:30 to 4 p.m. We’ll announce the winner via email and update the post to reflect that we’ve chosen a winner. Official Rules

For more ways to enter to win, visit the Twin Cities Live website.

129 thoughts on “[Giveaway] A chance to win $5,000 from Publishers Clearing House

  1. My favorite Mall Of America memory is going to then Camp Snoopy with my niece when she was very little and going on a ride with her.  We have pictures of us riding in the cars together, and she always remembered me because of that picture, despite living quite a ways from me and not seeing me very often.


  2. My favorite memory from the Mall of America was my very first trip.  My mom and I and one of my friends took a chartered bus from our small town to the Mall.  It was SO much fun to see it and to buy my very first MOA purchase…a sterling silver ring! 

  3. I have so many memories, but one of my favorites is playing mini-golf on study breaks while in college. It was so cheap to play and just a nice easy way to relax with friends while the rest of the world was still going about their lives. We went there so often and I was so sad when it went away and was later replaced with the cereal place (now gone).

  4. My favorite memory is walking around the mall with my son… I look younger than I am, he looks older… a pretty young woman at a kiosk (selling lotion for foot rubs etc) asked if we were married. He said “NO” very emphatically. She said, Well, if you rub her feet, she might marry you!!!” Bwwwaaahhhaaahhhaaahhhaaa…. cracked me up!! (That was NOT the first one to say something to him that day about us being married.) He said if ONE more person says something like that to him he was going to jump over the railing!!! (We were on the third or fourth floor!!) That STILL cracks me up. He was about 25 at the time!!!


  5. My favorite memory is when I brought my children to Nickelodeon Universe 3 years ago. They had never been to an amusement park and the expressions on their faces were just priceless. It was a wonderful evening at MOA.

  6. My best memories of the Mall were during the time I worked there in my early 20’s. A group of us would end our shift and go upstairs and enjoy great times in all the bars/clubs of the UPPER EAST SIDE. Soooo many amazing memories!

    cherrysizeone@aol:disqus .com

  7. I also have many fond memories of the Mall of America.  I’m originally from New England and whenever any friends/family come to visit a ‘must see’ is the Mall of America.  My BFF and her sister came to visit in 1992, to visit me and to see the mall.  It took us 2 days to see the whole thing.  Even my parents enjoyed a trip there.  Although, my mother didn’t do very well trying to drive the scooters.  My dad and I had a blast in Camp Snoopy.     My nieces have come out on their 18th birthdays and both HAD to revisit the Mall of America.  As more people back east found out I lived/worked near the mall, I have been charged with obtaining Christmas and birthday presents for them each year. 
    And since the mall is always changing, each visit is a new and wonderful experience!

  8. My favorite memory of the Mall of America – I was a freshman in college and the Mall of America had just opened the year prior, so whenever one of my classes would be cancelled or I had an off day, my friend and I would go to the mall. We ended up going there so much during our freshman year that many of the store employees knew us by our first name!


  9. My favorite Mall of America memory happened in 2006. My husband and I were shopping and heard this really pretty music. We walked over to the rotunda..we were on the 2nd floor and saw a tall blond girl with curly hair playing the guitar and dancing around. Our little girl was learning how to play guitar at the time, so we thought it would be so cool to buy this girl’s CD. We walked down to the main floor and asked one of the guards who she was and they said she was some country singer, they didn’t remember her name. So, we finally asked a lady nearby and she said the girl’s name was Taylor Swift. So, I went home and ordered Taylor’s CD and we gave it to our daughter for XMAS that year. We couldn’t stop listening to it. So our family credits the Mall of America for helping us discover Taylor Swift a little bit earlier than the rest of the world.


  10. My favorite memory of MOA is taking a coach bus girls trip wIth family & seeing the kids reactions to the huge mall, Nick Universe and American girl world!! :). It is now an annual trip for us wih great memories for a lifetime!!)

  11. My favorite memory of MOA is taking a coach bus with family & getting to see the great reaction to my daughters when they saw the huge mall, nick universe & Amercan Girl store!! Priceless memories & fun!! It’s now an Annual trip for us ! :). Thank u MOA for all of the great opportunities!

  12. So many memories! Favorite was when my daughter was a part of the fashion board and participated in many fashion shows in the rotunda. The people watching was awesome and listening to all the visitors. I still love going to MOA and just watching the many visitors. mslucy08@gmail

  13. My favorite Mall of America memory was getting to meet Heidi Klum at Victoria’s Secret, and getting her autograph! She is so beautiful in magazines and on TV, but she is even more stunning in person!
    anjeladancer -at- gmail -dot- com

  14. Febuary came with tragic loss that had our family in pieces, family members came from all over the United States. While everyone was here we decided that maybe a trip to the Mall of America would help get everyones minds off of everything that was happening. So that’s what we did, that trip was incredible, from tears to smiles; Nickelodeon Universe to Lego Land; Food Court memories to Build a Bear it brought all of us together to help us through! Thank you Mall of America!!! 

  15. Mall of America! So many fond memories! My all time favorite is when my Mom noticed we were in the elevator with Jack Morris back in the early 90’s. We were small town dairy farmers so she thought it was the greatest thing ever. She is also not shy, so she started making small talk with him. I’m pretty sure she went around telling our whole town she saw him in the elevator. michellecar80@hotmail.com

  16. My favorite MOA experience was during my 13th birthday. Five friends and I got Glamour Shots make overs and spent the rest of the day trailing around –what was then– Camp Snoopy. In addition, Mary Kate and Ashley were there promoting their new movie and we got to see them riding the rollercoaster. Any 13 year olds dream! Thanks MOA!


  17. My favorite Mall of America memories are of store openings that I have been a part of at throughout the years…including Columbia Store, Nike Store, Microsoft Store and Best Buy. Most recently I was able to go to the store opening of Kiehl’s where I was treated to a wonderful performance from a group barbarshop quarter and some great food from Crave. I also took the opportunity to get some great products from the store…looking forward to many more great store openings with MOA! vitali002@gmail.com

  18. My favorite memory at the Mall of America was when my husband and I walked around the first floor with our son who has High Functioning Autism for a fundraiser for Autism Speaks. It was wonderful that the MOA opened their doors for all the people to raise money to help those with Autism! jarmomof3@yahoo.net

  19. My most memorable moment was when my wife (then girlfriend) and I first visited the Mall of America as part of our Northwest Airlines recruitment tour 7 years ago. We both were in awe and still to this day remember our first visit.

  20. My favorite memory includes everyday I worked there, and just getting the chance to people watch and also talk with a variety of people from a variety of cultures. Being able to see the joy on peoples faces whether it was their  first time or thieir 100th time. The MOA has brought together so many people of so many races and creeds and found a way for us all to enjoy ourselves. I have so many memories but the people is what sticks out in my head! Thank You for your time!!

  21. My favorite memory of Mall of America was our first trip to Nickelodeon Universe for my son’s birthday. The six hours (one way) drive from Nebraska is so worth the wait. We have never been there before and had seen and heard about it on the Travel Channel. When we finally arrived at Nickelodeon Universe, my
    children’s eyes gleamed of joy and had huge smiles on their faces. My heartmelted when I saw their smiles shined. We can’t take away their happiness and beautiful memories created. This is the place where they never get bored of. My son’s favorite things to do are the Nickelodeon Universe. E.g. the Cranks and
    Half Pipe. My three youngest ones enjoy The Sea Life Aquarium, SpongeBob SquarePants Pineapple Inflatable and Lego. I like the way how the stores are set up for guests to conveniently shop around three floors. 
    And if you’re in the mood for some great food, there are two food courts from wide range of choices. There’s always something to do here for everyone kids and family. It is a totally place where beautiful memories are created and cherished forever!Wished Omaha had something like Mall of America! The employees at Mall of America are friendly and helpful making the visit even more pleasant to stay. Love this
    place every time we come back to visit! Thank you.

    When we finally arrived at Nickelodeon Universe, my
    children’s eyes gleamed of joy and had huge smiles on their faces. My heart
    melted when I saw their smiles shined. We can’t take away their happiness and
    beautiful memories created. This is the place where they never get bored of. My
    son’s favorite things to do are the Nickelodeon Universe. E.g. the Cranks and
    Half Pipe. My three youngest ones enjoy The Sea Life Aquarium, SpongeBob Square
    Pants Pineapple Inflatable and Lego.

    I like the way how the stores are set up for guests
    to conveniently shop around three floors. 
    And if you’re in the mood for some great food, there are two food courts
    from wide range of choices. There’s always something to do here for everyone kids and
    family. It
    is a totally place where beautiful memories are created and cherished forever!

    Omaha had something like Mall of America! The employees at Mall of America are
    friendly and helpful making the visit even more pleasant to stay. Love this
    place every time we come back to visit! Thank you.

  22. One of my most favorite memories is when my 2 grandchildren visited the butterfly area (exhibit?) in the theme park area. My Grandson has Autism and has sensory issues that whenever the butterflys would fly all around him he would laugh so hard! We could of stayed there for hours and hours. Both he and my granddaughter(both 3 at the time) were having the best time ever and it felt as if we were transported to some magical land full of butterflies! To see that kind of joy in 2 childrens eyes especially one that is very hard to get into his world..will be a memory I will never ever forget.

  23. My favorite memory is the first time I brought my children into the General Mills Cereal attraction you had on the 3rd floor by the food court. They had the best time watching the commercials from 50+years ago! I couldnt believe how many of the commercials I remembered and actually knew the words too after all these years! We would always leave with Cereal boxes mixed to perfection.

  24. A first date – who would have thought that could be a favorite MOA memory?  Rather than doing the usual type of dates, we decided to just meet at the Mall during the day and since it was winter, it provided a great walking opportunity, time to talk about stuff, and a casual atmosphere to sit in the food court overlooking Nickelodeon Universe and continue our conversation with no shortage of topics since there was so much to observe from that point.  While the relationship did not turn into something more, we still remain friends today.


  25. When my fiance and I first started dating, we were looking for something to do on a cloudy Saturday.  We headed over to the Mall of America just to browse a few of the stores and shop.  After the stores, we ended up having a FABULOUS late lunch/early dinner upstairs and caught a movie. We ended up doing the same thing the next weekend as well!  We love having so many choices! :) 


  26. My favorite memory of Mall of America is the first time I brought my Lego loving son to Legoland; he was thrilled and amazed. It was such fun to see that excitement in his eyes. Even now, at 15 years old, he told me that he wanted to go to the Lego store for his upcoming 16th birthday. Great memories!

  27. My favorite memory at MOA is eating at Twin Cities Grill, enjoying a great burger with vinegar fries and ending with delicious cheesecake! Yum Yum Yum!!

  28. My favorite MOA memory is dining at the Twin Cities Grill, enjoying a great burger with vinegar fries and topping it off with cheesecake drizzled in raspberry or strawberry glaze, Yum, Yum, Yum!!

  29. Sunday October 30, 2011 I took both my kids to the MOA Nickelodeom Universe to hit the rides!  My son Matt (8yo) likes the nice slow bumper cars.  My daughter Sami (6yo) loves everything fast!  So, as I screamed for my  life on Rock Bottom Plunge and the Rugrats ride, she laughed her head off at me.  We had a nice lunch in the food court and our final ride was the carousel.  Great day with the kids! brummund44@msn.com

  30. My most fond memory was when the Mall of America still had Camp Snoopy. A few other Girl Scout troops including my own got to go there after the park was shut down to the public and were allowed to ride the rides. After a fun filled night, we camped out in our sleeping bags and got to sleep under the sharks (although it was so mesmerizing I was hardly able to sleep at all.)  :)  elyce_mueller@hotmail.com

  31. A few years back we really enjoyed the New Years Eve Events.  There were activities for all ages and everyone had a wonderful time. Love the Mall Of America

  32. My very favorite memory of the Mall of America took place on Oct., 1, 2000. That was the day of the auction for dozens of Snoopy statues from St. Paul’s “Peanuts on Parade.” I was one of the artists who created a statue that year, and it was so fun to meet members of the Charles Schulz family and witness thousands of dollars being raised during the auction, with proceeds going to create the permanent bronze Peanuts statues near Rice Park and used for art scholarships. My parents attended with me and were astonished to see one of the statues selling for $35,000.

  33. I have so many wonderful memories of the Mall Of America!  My favorite memory is taking my kids to the mall for the first time!  We enjoyed Underwater World and Camp Snoopy.  They had a lot of fun just exploring, going up the glass elevator and riding on all the rides.  It was just amazing to walk around and see a mall such as the Mall Of America! patjeancarlisle@netscape.net

  34. My fave memory is as part of 100000 fans on FB, you opened the nick Universe for 100 mins. All 4 of us had so much fun. In general case, I would stretch and pay for kids’ tickets but never would have been able to enjoy that my self. Thanks a lot MOA.
    herry123_us at live dot com

  35. On Black Friday 2011, my mom and I joined other crazy yet ambitious shoppers the MOA.  As I recently moved to Minnesota, it was truly a blessing to have my parents visit me for my first holiday away from “home”.  Since I now have the luxury of residing close to the mall, my mom and I decided we simply had to indulge ourselves in the opportunity to shop at the largest mall on the busiest shopping day of the year (really…who can resist that!).   So, at 5 a.m. we departed the house: tennis shoes on, purses in hand, and armed with a list of stores  to visit & sales we needed to be apart of.  At 5 p.m. after 12 hours of shopping, eating, talking, and laughing we returned home to our husbands with a car load of goodies and our holiday shopping completed (Santa’s elves were busy!).  Yet, it wasn’t the gifts or deals that mattered.  Being granted the opportunity to spend quality time with my mom was the most memorable part of my day. Without, the MOA we would have been stuck at home watching football with our husbands! So, thank you MOA!  

    (Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition – Black Friday, MOA, with my mom!)


  36. my favorite memory is taking my little “explorer” to meet Dora on one of the Toddler Tuesdays.  He was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about it, but when his big moment came to see Dora, he totally freaked out and wouldn’t even look at her :(

  37. My favorite memory was a work Christmas party we had there. Camp snoopy was closed to the public and my son and I were able to ride the rides over and over along with a great dinner.

  38. As a little girl, my parents would take us to the mall to walk, during the cold winter months. The Rainforest Cafe had just opened, and I thought it was the bees knees, unable to get enough of the countless animated animals and sounds. During a brief stop at Barnes and Nobles one evening, I ran away from my parents. They enlisted the help of Mall security, employees, and anyone willing to help be part of their highly anxious search party. Finally after a conclusive search of all 4 floors, and a major anxiety attack on my mom’s part, I was found wandering from table to table at the Rainforest Cafe, entertaining costumers and enjoying the atmosphere. Following family outings to the mall, for at least a couple years, found me sporting a very fashionable children’s leash. #minnesotaproblems =)


  39. My favorite memory was when I brought my 6 year old sister to ride the rides at Nickelodeon Universe just after she lost her mom to diabetes complications. Seeing her smile, laugh abd have a great time and forget what had happened for the day was priceless…definitely my best memory at MOA and one i’ll never forget!


  40. Our very first visit was the best remedy for kids tired from a car ride to get to Minnesota!  Their eyes were huge with excitement when they caught sight of the amusement park.

  41. My FAVORITE memory of the MOA was when my three year old had an EPIC tantrum with the whole 9 yards of screaming, yelling, saying I was hurting her, etc.  It was a good show.  BUT we were there on a Monday night, so it was dead…and there was hardly anyone around.  whew!  I lucked out.  It took us 40 minutes to get home and we only live 3 minutes away.  Looking forward to some more great memories! haha!  Back in the day, we sure had some fun up on fourth floor…before we had kids! haha!


  42. My favorite memory is the first time I ever saw the mall! I moved to MN about 4 1/2 years ago and when my family and I went to MOA, we spent, like, eight or nine hours there the first time. It was amazing! Now, I only live 10 minutes away so I’m pretty used to it.  :-)    julie.bythesea@gmail.com

  43. Living only a short drive from the MOA we have many favorite memories of the MOA. One of them is before the Mall of America opened, I was working at NWA and received tickets for my family to a private party at Camp Snoopy. My boys absolutely loved all of the rides! They rode every ride more than once. The MOA has been a part of our lives for so many years and it is always fun to go up and walk around especially on a cold frozen day in Minnesota or even a hot sweltering humid day in the summer. There is always something to do and always a new store to explore.

  44. I only have one memory of Mall of America.  It was back around the year 2000.  I was with 6 other managers from Wisconsin attending corporate meetings in Minnesota.  We all decided to visit MOA since none of us had been there.  We all squeezed in a photo booth to get a picture.  (yes, all 6 adults somehow fit).  You would have thought we were kids.  We also ate at Hooters and one of the gentlemen with us was celebrating his 60th birthday.  He went home with a picture of him and all of the Hooter girls.  The picture was so innocent but I don’t think he ever showed his wife.  Good Times with Good People.

  45. My favorite memories of the mall include all the countless celebrities i have met there. I dont remember this memory but my mom  tells me of her schlepping to the grand opening almost nine-months pregnant and how i was kicking with excitement!

  46. My first favorite memory is one my mom shared with me. She was eight and a half months pregant and dragged herself to the grand opening of the mall. She told me how i was kicking up a storm and it can only be due to my love of shopping at the mall. Other memories of mine from the mall include working on the trend board as well as meeting countless celebrities!

  47. During a visit to MOA when my daughter was little, we were getting ready to leave after she used all of her ride points.  We saw a little 4-year-old boy who was crying because he couldn’t find his family.  We told him to stay with us and to sit down and his family would come to find him.  A few minutes later his family found him and said they were from out of state and were leaving to go home.  Apparently, the little boy stopped to watch the merry-go-round when we found him.  The parents were so happy they offered my daughter their all-day-pass as a reward!  She was so excited to have more fun at “Camp Snoopy!”

    My daughter is now 21 and we love to have our twice-a-year shopping trip and always stop to enjoy a funnel cake together!

    Thank you,


  48. After my husband died I would go to the MOA to walk every day for a couple hours or more after work. All the action and fun free events helped me to overcome the grief of losing my beloved husband.  Now I go to the mall a couple times a week to shop, people watch, and enjoy the free entertainment.

  49. My favorite memory of Mall of America was taking my children there for the first time when we moved here in June.  My daughter, 3, was so excited at the American Girl Doll store and the Ice cream salon.  She is a princess at heart and I can’t wait to take her back for tea.  My boys, 10 and 8, absolutely love the rides at the park.  They both had their FIRST rollercoaster experiences there so that is special to me because I love riding the coasters and I remember doing them with my dad and now my kids can go with my husband and I.  They all love the shopping and food too.  Oh, and one more great thing is eating at Villa Pizza.  We had one at Purdue where my husband and I are both grads and I thought I would never see one again but youv’e got 2!!!!!  The Nutts LOVE MOA!!!!

  50. My favorite was probably the first time I went there over 15 years ago with one of my friends and we did circle after circle trying to figure our way around the 3rd floor!  I lived in IL at the time and moved here 5 years ago…now I laugh at that moment every time I go to the MOA.  Or more recently, I walked out with a friend visiting from IA and forgot where I parked my van.  So we walked to her van so she could give me a ride…only to find out, I had parked behind her! What were the odds!  amyhoyd@comcast.net

  51. My favorite memory is on the first day the Mall opened.  We waited a long time in line before the Mall opened and my kids got to put their handprints in the cement sidewalk out side of Macy’s.   For many years we only entered the Mall through that door so we could find their handprints before we went inside!

  52. My favorite MOA memory was bringing visiting Australian houseguests there to go shopping. They couldn’t believe the variety of items available, and at such lower prices than “back home.”  In particular, they were almost speechless when looking at the low prices in DSW—and then I showed them the bargain room in the back. Thought they had died and gone to heaven. They still had three weeks of touring America ahead of them, so I almost felt sorry for the Aussies having to cart all their purchases around after leaving marvelous Minnesota and MOA!

  53. My favorite memory is the first day my mom let me walk around a mall by myself and I was so happy that it was Mall of America!  Of course, I got completely lost on the way to our meetup location but felt safe because I was quickly able to find a security guard and not only did he tell me where to go, but he escorted me there as well.  Ever since then I’ve always thought Mall of America’s security team is among the elite for mall security.
    My email address is jschmid2@gmail.com

  54. My kids love Nickelodeon since I can hop shopping at MAO. We invited our out-of-town guests to MAO when they come to visit MN. It’s a great fun indoor place that can entertain various ages with movie theater, lots restaurants, shops … especially during cold and hot days.
    Thanks of this contest.

  55. My favorite memory is the first time I visited the MOA when we first moved here almost 4 years ago.  It was the first place I wanted to visit.  I will never forget the moment when I first stepped into the mall and was just in awe of how enormous it was!  All the stores, restaurants, movie theater, amusement park, aquarium and more was just incredible!  It lived up to every expectation I had and more!  I’m so glad that we live only 20 minutes from it and are now regular visitors! 

  56. Our favorite time time at The Mall of America was when as a family we attended The Stories of Light presentation for Make A Wish. It was inspiring to attend, to see the children who were be honored with a wish, and we also had the opportunity to meet Vikings tight end Jim Kleinsasser and his wife. Our family had recently had a life changing diagnosis and the time spent at the presentation and afterwards at Camp Snoopy was an affirmation that we were putting our lives into perspective. 

  57. my favorite mall of america memory is when the mall first opened, i remember going to the 4 largest stores to get free cloth tote bags and ever since the mall has opened, it is a place where i have continued to shop and play (i take my kids to the rides sometimes, legoland, and underwater world)…my family loves to see the real santa claus every year and different events that have occured over the years


  58. my fovorite memories would have to be when i was younger and the MOA had just opened! I would beg my parents to take me to Camp snnopy and Lego land! Now that I have kids, they beg me to take them to Nick Universe and Lego land!

  59. My favorite memory is definitely when the Mall of America first opened. I was only 8 and I remember it feeling absolutely magical like we were on a vacation or something haha. Nothing compared to the first glance at Camp Snoopy. I’m pretty sure my eyes were sparkling while starting at the roller coaster, big tree, log shoot, all the midway games, LEGOLAND!!! It was certainly a memory I’ll keep forever. :)

  60. As a born and raised Minnesotan, I have almost too many memories at the MOA to pick just one. From birthday parties at Camp Snoopy (AKA Nickelodeon Universe), to shopping for my high school prom dress, to hunting for my sister’s dress for her wedding day, the MOA has been a part of my life from the very beginning. My favorite memory is when my family took its yearly Christmas shopping outing. My dad gave each of us kids our allowance, and let us run around the mall to find gifts for each other. At the end of a long day of shopping, we would go to Caribou Coffee to get a large hot cocoa and a big giant cookie. To me, spending a whole day at the Mall of America with my family was better than Christmas itself. 

  61. The Mall of America is Great. I think it’s one of the Best places to work and I mean that.People said along time ago this mall wouldn’t work but look at it now go mall

  62. One of my favorite times at the Mall was about 3 or 4 years ago. I had been going to the Vikings lockeroom for a long time and I knew everyone who worked there by name. Well one day I showed up there and because I used to be a big Daren Sharper fan the workers in the store all chipped in and bought me his jersey I loved it and even though he is no longer on our football team I might never give it up.

  63. This is going to be an amazing event. Wissh I could be there, being a super fan and all. I have been entering PCH sweepstakes online and through the mail every day, for at least 10 to 12 years. Haven’t won anything yet but, I will never give up. I just hope that I win a super prize while I am still young enough to make  my dream a reality. I can’t be at the event because I am disabled and bound to a wheelchair but, I have it marked down and will be watching from my home computer. I am extremely happy, in advance, for whom ever wins! Congratulations to you!!!

  64. I have only seen shows of Mall of America, what an exciting experience that will be for someone special. I’ve seen the series about it, the Mall sounds like a city with rides and food galore, i can’t imagine such a thing, but it must be true from all that i have read below me. Congrats to whoever wins!

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