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Thank you readers for all of your comments. Congratulations to AJ King on winning an autographed copy of “Baking with the Cake Boss.”


Buddy Valastro – aka the Cake Boss – is the immensely popular star of the hit TLC shows “Cake Boss,” “Kitchen Boss,” and “Next Great Baker” and the owner of Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, NJ. Buddy is making a stop at Mall of America on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to sign copies of his new book, “Baking with the Cake Boss.” To prep for this sweet event, we had the chance to ask Buddy a few questions about his book, his bakery and working with a camera crew watching his every move.

If someone is new to baking, what recipe from your cookbook do you suggest they try first?
I would suggest going with a classic recipe, like cupcakes. The great thing about baking is that it is like a science – if you follow the recipe, you will be fine. Once the cupcakes cool, I have a lot of fun, easy designs that you can pipe on top. It’s all the in the wrists!

Which cake that you have made in your career has been the most memorable and why?
One of the most memorable cakes was my wife’s 30th birthday cake. It was such a special surprise for her. I had to take a lot of time to make sure her curves were carved just right- she got a lot of hugs that week so I could ‘measure’ her!

What’s the hardest part about having cameras follow you around the bakery?
Now that we have our new Cake Factory open, there is much more room. Our crew is like family, and we have so much fun filming together. It means a lot to us that our fans invite the bakery into their living rooms every week – it’s one of the greatest compliments.

Can’t be here for the signing? You’re in luck. We’ll be giving away an autographed copy right here. 

 How do you win? Comment below with the answer to this question: What is your favorite cake that Buddy has made on his show, “Cake Boss?” and you’ll be entered to win an autographed copy of “Baking with the Cake Boss.” To enter, you must comment on this blog post by Wednesday, Nov. 16 , 2011 at 11 a.m. and provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. We’ll announce the winner via email and update the post to reflect that we’ve chosen a winner.

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36 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Baking with the Cake Boss

  1.  I liked the one he made for the bride that was crazy and squirted a rainbow of frosting all over his perfect cake! I mean yah know? I woulda hauled her out in a burlap sack!!

  2. I would have to say the NASA cake! He is amazing and so kind. A friendf of mine from Springfield, MO met him this week and raved on how nice he is and how much time he spent talking with them! I can’t wait to come tuesday. I Recently moved to MN. from MO. and I operated my own cake business in MO. I miss it dearly!


  3. My son loves this show! So this entry is for him. His favorite cake is Dylan’s candy cake! I have to admit that this cake is very cool!!!
    Good luck Andrew!!!

  4. This is very hard to choose just one! its nearly a tie between the blown sugar light he made for the light decorater but….I ABSOLUTELY  loved the cake that buddy made with the help of his staff for his last son baby Carlo’s christening. the cake was stunning and perfect in every way. all of buddy’s cakes for his children have been amazing and lisa’s cake also. but the fact that it was his last son and named carlo just like the bakery was a sweet thing and a memorable thing for carlo when he gets older. i still dont get how he does it. every show im blown away by the skill.
    thank you- Bri

  5. Buddy seems like a great person to know for so many reasons. We watch the show often so there are more many than one that are my faves. I really liked the one he did of his city, for the mayor, I think. It was so spot on and very detailed. I’m not going to lie- the life sized one of his wife was pretty amazing. And the Harry Potter cake (big HP fans in this house.) :-)


  6. My favorite cake from the show was a recent cake for an
    expecting couple. The cake was one tier round with a baby’s bottom sticking out
    of the cake. Buddy delivered the cake to the couple’s baby shower where they
    cut into the cake to reveal the gender. I liked this cake because it was such a
    great idea, and something I had never seen before. It brought a smile to my
    face when the couple cut the cake to discover that they would be having a girl.
    I also liked the one that Buddy’s son helped him with. It was a washing machine and I was amazed as to how talented it was.


  7. My favorite cake was the state fair theme. So adorable. Our family owns a small carnival and I would love to have buddy make us a cake.  I love baking and cant wait to meet BUDDY!
    webster.ave@hotmail:disqus .com

  8. I love all the cakes on the show.  But my favorite was the double heart Buddy made for his Mom’s anniversary.  The tribute to his Dad, the sentiment and the old fashioned techniques combined to make an unforgettable cake and a great episode!      lisaspiral@gmail.com

  9. I really enjoyed the cake that Buddy made for his friend Michael the Accountant. The Accountant / Tax cake was AMAZING. The ‘people’ that Buddy had make the accessories for the desk (calculator, garbage, etc) really made the cake come together and show how stressed out Accountants get during ‘Tax Season’. Loved it.

    Also, this episode was cute – I really liked Betty the “Sugar flower specialist”, the peonies that she was teaching them how to make were life like! 


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