[Giveaway] Hilton two-night stay + $100 MOA Gift Card

Thank you readers for all of your comments. Congratulations to MLOLSON on winning a $100 Mall of America gift card and a 2 night stay at the Hilton.

It’s just a few days until Christmas, and while most of you have your holiday shopping done, it will soon be time for another trip to the Mall for family fun, returns, exchanges and more. Whether you’re local or from out-of-town, why not make a fun weekend out of it to enjoy everything MOA™ has to offer?

Our friends over at the Hilton Minneapolis / St. Paul Mall of America® are offering one lucky winner a two-night stay for a Friday and Saturday night redeemable starting New Year’s weekend 2011 through the last weekend in January. In addition, they are offering MOA Blog readers a $69 room rate for any Thur-Sat. booking in the coming month (use this link for $69 room rate). We think it’s so great that we’re giving away a $100 Mall of America gift card to accompany this fabulous package. The Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Mall of America offers room service from the award-winning Executive Chef, Eric G Baker, recently upgraded bath amenities to a line of skin care products by Peter Thomas Roth and a gorgeous recreation center complete with a fitness center and indoor pool.

How do you win? Comment below with why you deserve a shopping weekend getaway and you’ll be entered to win a 2-night stay at the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Mall of America complete with complimentary room service for breakfast and a $100 Mall of America gift card. To enter, you must comment on this blog post by Tuesday, December 27 at 1:00 p.m. and provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. We’ll announce the winner via email and update the post to reflect that we’ve chosen a winner. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

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117 thoughts on “[Giveaway] Hilton two-night stay + $100 MOA Gift Card

  1. My job involves working irregular hours and through most holidays. My family has learnt to accept that I am unlikely to be able to celebrate with them. Nevertheless, I truly enjoy my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have learnt to celebrate the special occasions at other times. The shopping weekend getaway would a perfect time to celebrate with my family. indigo2730@gmail.com

  2. I would LOVE to have a get-a-way weekend with my husband–even if we don’t leave the state!  He’s been traveling a lot for business, so we haven’t had a “date” night out in what seems like forever AND we haven’t had a weekend alone, away from kids in over 6 years. So THIS would be a wonderful surprise for him! :)

  3. I would love to win this and give it to my parents! All four of us children are grown now, but rarely do they take time for themselves. These holidays are so chaotic wiht work and family and I would lvoe for them to be able to relax and enjoy doing something together thats jsut for them. Thanks.

  4. I would love to get my husband away from his job for a couple days—he works day and night—-and does much free work for people who can’t pay him—-he never takes time for a vacation…thanks for the chance to win….

  5. I would love to win this much needed get away and would be very greatful. My husband and I have not had much time to see eachother because of our jobs

  6. I would really appreciate to win this getaway because I am low on money and can not buy my spouse the gift she deserves.  This would be a wonderful way to take her out of her busy schedule and give her a chance to relax and getaway…with yours truly of course.  Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. I would love a shopping getaway to prepare for my wedding!  Only 7 months away, I still need to find a dress, accessories, and clothes for the honeymoon!  It would also be great to have a date night with the fiance, haven’t had a night away from the kiddo together in a long time!


    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Working retail in the holiday season is tough, and I would love to win this and pass it along to my boss, who deserves a break more than anyone I know. She routinely puts in 11 to 13 hour work days, comes in on her days off, and goes above-and-beyond to keep the store running smoothly. I’d love to be able to give her a little break from the chaos as a late Christmas present, and a trip like this could do just that.


  9. My husband and I have our 2nd wedding anniversary coming up and he has a very demanding work scheldule with 13 hour days and night shifts, so I can stay home with our very busy 9 month old! He worked all of Christmas as well! We are thinking of just doing a staycation instead of a vacation for our anniversary. SO this would be perfect!!!:) tkthyrn@hotmail.com thanks Katie

  10. I deserve to win this getaway because I work hard to support my family, and haven’t had a vacation for a long time.  It is much needed, and this would be wonderful.  Especially after the holidays, maybe I could find a little something for myself even!


  11. I’d like to win this because I don’t want it.  I would give it to my mother who in addition to having MS, has conquered breast cancer (2002) and on the 21st of December underwent a kidney removal as part of her renal cancer treatment.  She is as of now cancer free.  She works 50+ hrs a week taking care of others at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth and needs a day to get away from Duluth & have some fun. Peter, peterjeggert@gmail.com

  12. I am a single mom of 3 children. I work hard and could definately use a break! I struggled through Xmas, as always, and this would be a GREAT New Years gift for me :) I havent had a vacation or ANY means of a break in a VERY long time! Would definately appreciate it!

  13. I deserve this getaway, because I just recently moved to the cities from a small town in Minnesota. With being stressed out with the move and new job I haven’t had time to relax and enjoy time by myself or with friends. This would be the perfect opportunity. Who doesn’t love shopping to help relive stress? 


  14. This past semester in school has proved to be the hardest one yet in my college years. The school work is harder and I’ve had other things to take care of. Work has also taken up a lot of my time. It would be amazing to receive this generous gift. It’d be so nice to get away from it all for a little bit and just have some fun! 


  15. oh i need this getaway, i have been through alot of trials & triumps the past few months with my daughter & would really love to just get away from SC for a couple of days to relax & get my thoughts together & do a little shopping for myself to help take my mind of things going on around here & i never been to the Mall of America but would love to go…..pick mehhhhh please !!!! :)    

  16. I would love to win and take my husband on a very deserving getaway!  He is a police officer and worked Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  I’d love to take him to MOA for a nice dinner to celebrate 8 years of marriage and my birthday!

  17. I’d love to win…. MY sons coming home for R&R in January from Afghanistan. The TC and MOA are two of his Favorite places to go…… Would love to have a family get away while he is home on leave 

    Thanks Shirl  

  18. I’m planning a girls’ reunion weekend here in Minneapolis with some college friends coming from out of town. We all have small kids, so it would be amazing to get some time together to shop, talk and relax, something we don’t get to do too often! MOA would be the perfect spot! lech112@hotmail.com

  19. I think we deserve a getaway because our family just recently lost out house to foreclosure and it has put so much stress on our family. We didn’t get everything out of the house by the time the bank came and a lot of our stuff was lost. We love Mall of America and haven’t been there for a long time.

  20. I just had a baby three months ago and we’ve been working so hard with two other children at home. I hardly ever get to go out, and our budget is a little low with the newborn. It would be a DREAM to have a weekend out shopping with the girls or my teenage daughter! A small getaway would be so appreciated. 

  21. I feel that I deserve this getaway because I am graduating college this month and it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication and a lot of sleepless nights!!  I think this would be a great chance for a night away for my fiance and I to finally enjoy a getaway together that didn’t include my school books and just a chance to enjoy a new great addition to the mall that we have spent every anniversary and birthday dinner at.  We would greatly appreciate it!!! bmobrien@stthomas.edu

  22. My hubby and I would LOVE a weekend “getaway” at MOA and the Hilton. A couple of nights away from our very energetic 2 year old, before baby #2 makes her arrival in April? Hello, much-needed relaxation!

  23. Hi moa, I believe that if I win this offer, I can take my family out to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that Mn had to offer, also, with the gift card, I can purchase things for my husband, and children do that they have something that they’ve been wishing to get. That would make me happy if I could provide such happiness to my family.


  24. I would love this for my husband and I.   I have lost 45 pounds in the last 3 months and could not have done it without his support.  I literally have 2 pairs of pants now to my name that fit and am desperate for a new wardrobe and fast!  My husband loves the Mall of america and I think this is a great way to help me get more clothes in my closet and a great way to say thank you to him for supporting me!

  25. Hi moa, I believe that if I win this offer, I can take my family out to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that Mn had to offer, also, with the gift card, I can purchase things for my husband, and children do that they have something that they’ve been wishing to get. That would make me happy if I could provide such happiness to my family.


  26. I’d love to win, my son will be home on R&R from Afghanistan in January. Wouldlove to 
    take him on a get away to 2 of his favorite places MOA and the TC.thanks Shirl

  27. Hi moa, I believe that if I win this offer, I can take my family out to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that Mn had to offer, also, with the gift card, I can purchase things for my husband, and children do that they have something that they’ve been wishing to get. That would make me happy if I could provide such happiness to my family.


  28. My husband and I don’t ever get out without our 2 kids.  I can’t even remember the last time we went out for our anniversary.  Money is tight and we could really use some time alone to reconnect.  We can’t even have a conversation at home while the kids are awake because we are always being interrupted.  jengust@frontier.com

  29. our family never gets everything they want on  there birthday or xmas but if we could get a shopping getaway it would be wonderful exspecially because were tight on money and our kids deserve a great gift and as doo we as parents alexispuro@hotmail.com

  30. I would love to take my kids to the TC while there big brother is home on leave. What a better place to take him then the MOA~ 1 of his favorite places to go…. place an over night stay in the TC. thanks, Shirl

  31. I am in desperate need of a mini-girl getaway! I have all boys in my house and some days you just need that girl interaction!!! My girlfriends and I usually take a trip to the cities once a year for shopping and this past year we were unable to do so due to different schedules and kids activities! But here’s to hoping we can get one scheduled again soon! We live about 3 hours away so when we come for our trip we stay close to MOA as all of us spend hours shopping!!!

  32. I feel I deserve to win this because I made Christmas happen for my son this year.  I work full time and I am a single mother so a weekend getaway after the holidays of course would be a blessing to me.  brianaangel@gmail.com

  33. I believe i deserve this because simply, I need to get away. I’m 19 and a mother of a 9 month old. I work and go to school and never have time for myself. When I do get free time I spend it catching up on all the sleep that i have been missing. When I do get the rare time awayI from my daughter I never have money to treat myself to anything. I love my daughter to death but this opportunity would be the greatest Christmas present I could ever ask for. Megancaseyy@yahoo.com

  34. I feel I should win because I alway think of others before me. and i have not had a day to just get stuff for me. And when I went to the mall yesterday I could not go to some stores because they were closed :(  austinthull@yahoo.com

  35. My family deserves this getaway because we are always working hard and hardly have time to play.  My husband works overnights and I work days.  Our 10 year old daughter is in Girl Scouts and other activities.  I am a Girl Scout cookie mom and volunteer with her troop when I can and work on her school’s yearbook.  From January to the May, we are consumed with Cookies and Yearbooks.  This will be a WONDERFUL highlight and a treat for us.  Also, if we win, we will use some of our gift certificate to purchase something that can be donated to special cause.  Pay it forward!  :))  My email address is onestrongfamily@gmail.com  Thank you for the opportunity to win! 

  36. Oh my goodness! Between work and taking care of my son I havent had to time to relax! Not to mention that christmas this year for me and my son wasnt a very good one as I couldnt afford to buy much for him or myself..bills come first. I would totally love this getaway with my little one!!! And the gift card to moa is amazing! I love the moa!! If I could live there I would! I would be forever thankful for this getaway!


  37. I am a 19 year old mother of a 9 month old. I work and go to school and never have free time to myself because I’m so busy. When I do have free time I’m usually busy catching up on my sleep and I never have the money to treat myself to anything, not even something simple. I don’t get away never really have had a fun filled weekend and I think this opportunity would be the greatest Christmas gift ever. I love my daughter to death but I would really love to have this weekend to spend with my boyfriend to rekindle our romance since we don’t have us time since the baby was born .megancaseyy@yahoo.com

  38. Oh my goodness! Between work and taking care of my son I havent had to time to relax! Not to mention that christmas this year for me and my son wasnt a very good one as I couldnt afford to buy much for him or myself..bills come first. I would totally love this getaway with my little one!!! And the gift card to moa is amazing! I love the moa!! If I could live there I would! I would be forever thankful for this getaway!


  39. Hi there. I am a single and proud mom of 2 precious but disabled children. Life is usually hectic and sometimes a bit challenging. We have never had a vacation of any kind due to circumstances. A couple days of relaxation away from school and appointments would be wonderful! Thank you…

  40.  This year brought on a lot of challenges as well as wonderful things. I gave birth to my daughter in March, and while she is an absolute blessing, money has been very tight (as I am sure it is with most people), but I would absolutely love a Mom’s weekend away where I don’t have to feel guilty about getting something for myself. I have been trying to plan a weekend to come to the cities to visit friends and family for a very long time and would be more appreciative than you could ever imagine!


  41. My husband and I will be married 12 years in March, but never really got a honeymoon, since I was in college at the U of MN at the time. For our first anniversary, we tried to go to a bed and breakfast in Stillwater, but it was disaster. Their was no hot water, and it was the cold of winter, so we packed our bags and came home. Since then, life has taken its course and we have had little chances to get away on our own. Our first son was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease, which required several surgeries after birth. Life was very hectic after that, followed by the birth of our twin girls, who will be six Dec. 30. We don’t have any family nearby to help with the kids, so we have never been able to get away. Although we live more than an hour from the Mall of America, we love to visit and take family there who are visiting from out of state. If we won, my husband and I would get to enjoy a night away without the kids for the first time since before we even had children, which will be nearly eight years in March, when my son turns eight. leticiasnow@yahoo.com

  42. I believe I should win this getaway because I am a hard worker who believes that giving is better than revieving. This holiday I looked forward to giving gifts, and my time to charity. I would love to spend a little time and money on myself after the New Year.

    sarahmclayton86@gmail@gmail:disqus .com

  43. I’d like to think I deserve this getaway because, as I have just started my first job out of college, I don’t see much spending, relaxing, or getaway-ing in my near future. While mixing and matching the same pairs of pants & blouses from college presentations & internships always keeps me on my toes in the morning, it sure would be a pleasure to expand the closet a bit — with clearance racks in mind ;) Hilton, you say? At 23 years old, I think two nights out of my parents’ house would be particularly ideal…and I wouldn’t have to chip in for the heating bill! Although I can safely say everyone deserves a couple nights away along with a Benjamin Franklin to spend at MOA, I sure wouldn’t mind it. :) Happy Holidays!

  44. I would love a get away! 2011 was filled with heartache, stress, financial struggles and loss. I am ready to start the new year right and this would be fantastic! What a way to bring in the New Year.

  45. In May I graduated from the University of Minnesota. Several recently graduated students, including myself, have loads of loan payments to send in. Luckily I started a career upon graduating, but I’ve been paying several bills while trying to stash some money aside for a future home. You don’t leave college with much money to spare. Turning down nights out with friends, joining a gym, going snowboarding, or any fun extra curricular opportunites are out of the picture. A mini vacation and shopping spree would be an awesome opportunity to look back on my life and say I had time to enjoy my 20s with a gift from very generous staff from the MOA and Hilton hotel.

  46. Because we LOVE the Mall of America and also (just recently) fell in love the the Waterpark of America!!  The boys were impressed with the waterpark but then blown away by the super cool bunk beds!! FUN!   The MOA has something for everyone…lots of shopping for Mom, rides AND legos AND build a bear for the kids AND bowling for Dad!  We have family close to this area so it’s a great place for us all to meet up every year, get a block of rooms and have a great time!  PLUS – I HAVE to take the family to the new Dick’s Last Resort!!  I love that place – but have only been to it in Chicago!!  Between the MOA and the waterpark….everyone wins!  Good times people!  Good times!! 

  47. The last time i took a vacation was when I was 15.  I am a 27 year old single mother of 4 young children with no close relatives that are living.  I suffer daily from migranes as I had since i was a child.  I Haven’t been able to buy anything at all for my children for bdays, xmas, or even school for the past 3 years now.  Having to struggle just to make rent and make sure they are fed is what i deal with almost daily.  On top of all the other added stress.  I never really get to do anything fun for the kids due to financial struggles.  I don’t need anything for me i haven’t in a long time, i would just like to be able to show my children that they deserve to go and explore different experiences and have fun while doing it.  It woule be wonderful to be able to have that special time with my children knowing that they know they deserve it too. macintosh940@gmail.com is my e mail.  Thank you for your time, and happy holidays.       *  Kendra   *

  48. There are many that would love this prize. Thank you.

    I’m a single mom of a teenager with Autism and ADD. I’m newly back in the dating scene for the last 2+ years and getting quality alone time is tough to come by, as you could imagine. No one meets my son unless they’re incredibly special and are going to be a more permanent person in my world. So, with that said, a weekend away is just what the doctor ordered and right on time. ;-)

    cherrysizeone@aol:disqus .com

  49. As I am sitting here I can hardly keep my eyes open I am SO tired. What a long and wonderful holiday season. Hosting In-Law party, doing most of the work for my family party. On top of all that My oldest sons Birthday is just a couple days before Christmas. I could use a great night sleep on the MOST comfortable beds at the Hilton!  Shopping at MOA would be great fun too!!  kachterkirch@centurytel.net

  50. WOW!  How exciting!  I am entering this contest because I think it would be a great fit for me  and my family.  You see, my husband is going away in March to the desert and he will be missed VERY much.  We have three children and a VERY busy schedule.  Taking some time out to regroup would be a blessing in disguise!  

  51. I live far from MOA so this would be a great way to spend time at the mall with my family and not have to drive home.  Would be a great time to reconnect with my sister and neices.  thanks!!!!

  52. I have done for myself since i was 16 I had my oldest daughter and got married and now have 3 children. We work very hard everyday for all of their needs and wants and highly forget about ourselves. We have never had a weekend away non less a honeymoon. We always say onve they are all away in college. I feel this would be a fun experience to do something for me and my husband and not feel guilty. It would be an amazing, much needed little weekend vacation!


  53. We have recently moved to MN after a job transfer for my husband.  We don’t have any family up here and although we really love the area, we could use a break and just be able to see what MN has to offer.  We LOVE MOA and would love to spend a weekend shopping and relaxing.  Minnesota has been great so far.  We have 4 kids age 10, 8, 3, and 1 and they are making a big adjustment to their new school and making new friends.  It hasn’t been easy leaving family and friends but we are thankful to live here and to have a job.  I had to leave my job to move here and have not since found work so it has been a real struggle trying to make ends meet.  We would love this opportunity to get away and enjoy a trip we would not otherwise be able to afford.  

  54. Sorry, no sob story here.  But, if selected I will post TONS of social media updates and pictures of the staycation.  I also plan on taking requests from readers and doing what they would do if they won.  That way it’s more interactive and EVERYONE can have fun.  Plus, I will bring randoms out to eat while there with the gift card!  Please pick me! TheJarno@gmail.com

  55. I live up in Duluth and this would be an awesome getaway for the weekend!  I have so many great memories of going to MOA with my parents.

  56. I would love to win and come back to Minnesota and visit the Mall of America.  I live in Indiana and miss the people in Minnesota!!

  57. My husband has been working overtime since September.  Lots of money you say…Nope! It’s all gone towards bills (which I’m thankful to pay) and for Christmas (which was nice).  At the end of the month his hours will be cut for 4-5 months.  We usually play catch up during this time.  Needless to say after working so hard, I would love to take him for a much needed weekend break. What a better place to be to have some winter fun!  I would make sure to tell all my friends and family about Hilton and the Mall Of America!  I know you would treat us well.  

  58. I am a mother of 2 young children. Just completed RN school and have had no time with my children in a very long time. This would make a wonderful get away for my family. I have recently been on a very tight income with being laid off from work. Being able to take my children to the MOA for the weekend would be amazing birthday present for my soon to be 4 year old on Dec 29th. He has always wanted to go meet Spongebob and Patrick and this is as close as its going to get for us. No Disney in our future for many years. 
    Thank you for the opportunity for a weekend getaway!

  59. This would be such a great get away some weekend for me.  I work in the lunchroom of a elementary school, run a daycare with my mom and give my free time to a number of teens in a mentoring program.  Needless to say I never do much for myself.  This would be such a nice way to get away and enjoy the Mall of America.

  60. Since my sister disappeared on Jan. 19,1988, my Mom and I havent been able to have a getaway of any sorts. I would really like for my Mom too have a mini-getaway and some pampering. She so deserves it!!

  61. I would love to win this trip so that my boyfriend and I can take a little “staycation”.  I promise not to join any riots at the MOA should I be selected as the winner :P

  62. I have 3 kids.  They are within 2 years of each other in age.  ANY mom in this situation needs a weekend away …. and that’s me!

  63. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada..which is 7 hours away.  It is a small town, and having a trip to the “Big City” of  Minneapolis(Bloomington), Minnesota would be a wonderful getaway for myself,  and my husband.  We have 3 little kids, and we could truly use a romantic weekend  to recharge our batteries after our crazy Christmas with Luke(7) Tyler(4) and Grace(2).  They could have a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!  jcwilson1976@excite.com

  64. I am 22 years old, and I think this would be an awesome getaway for me and mom. In 2009 I lost my father from cancer and a few months later lost my best friend. My mom had breast cancer the first time in 2007 and it just returned in 2010. She has received chemo treatments and she later got a double masectomy. I think that with everything thats gone on in the last few years we need a weekend away for a girls night! This would be fun. We would really appreciate it if we got this. Thank you for reading our comment. :)

  65. I love MOA so much, I was there when the anchor stores opened: Macy’s, Bloomies, Sears and Nordstrom and we had to walk outside between the stores because the mall wasn’t open yet.   I called in sick to work on the day of the grand opening of the entire mall because I had to go on the very first day and I did.  Now that I don’t live in the Twin Cities area, I don’t get there as much as I would like to but would shop until I dropped if I won this weekend getaway.

  66. I guess I’m late but I need a weekend away sine my husband works at the Post office and we’re afraid to spend any money since he could lose his job. We just moved here for his job a year ago and purchased a new home. Our oldest is in college, one in High school and the youngest in 4th grade. He is also in the National guard. Will be traveling over seas the 22nd this month. Returning in February and leaving again in February for 5 weeks. We don’t get much time together between National Guard responcibilities and Postal job. Sure would be nice to play for the weekend before he’s gone! Merry Christmas!

  67. I would love to visit the MOA again someday. My daughters and I went several years ago and had the time of our lives. It would be great to have another girls trip, this time including my granddaughter.

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