Now Open: Bettie Page

UPDATE: Congratulations Amber! You’ve been emailed. The Bettie Page gift card is all yours. Happy shopping!

Bettie Page, the clothing label inspired by the 1950’s icon, is now open on Level 2, South at Mall of America®. Stop in to find perfect pencil skirts, circle dresses and the crinolines to go with them! With sizes ranging from XS-4X, Bettie’s classic style suits every body. Don’t forget to check out the pinup art and retro swag, too. She may be the new gal in town, but we already think Bettie’s the cat’s meow.

Want to find your perfect pinup look? We’ve got a $50 Bettie Page gift card just for you. Pretty swell, huh?

How do you win? Comment below with what signature piece of clothing you think embodies the classic look of the 1950’s and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Bettie Page. To enter, you must comment on this blog post by Friday, June 3 at 12 p.m. We’ll announce the winner via email and announce the winner via this post on Friday, June 3 at 1 p.m.

52 thoughts on “Now Open: Bettie Page

  1. I’m thinking of “I Love Lucy” with a two-piece outfit with an A-line skirt and a blouse that has a nice straight lines from botice to hips and a crisp collar at the neck.  Or maybe just a sexy polka dot dress with a cardigan to throw on for modesty.

  2. A full skirt, a cute blouse, a pink cardigan sweater, sexy cat-eye glasses, socks with ruffles and saddle shoes.

  3. When I think of the 50’s the first thing that pops in my head is big, full skirts with crinoline underneath :)

  4. Quintessential pinup involves creating that perfect hourglass figure–like a curvaceous bottle of Coca-Cola from the malt shop. I think of cigarette pants with high cinched waists, full skirts, and flawlessly tailored, figure-flattering wiggle dresses.

  5. Oh! Pointy bras, cat eye glasses, circle skirt with crinoline underneath and of course some nice red lipstick! Yes, that’s it! Love it!

  6. halter style 1-piece bathing suit it must have the b&w polka dot skirt, big sunglasses and a floopy polka dot hat

  7. nothing says 1950s glamour like a accordian pleated vintage full slip! A must have for all retro-chic modern day glamour girls!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the jazmin Black Flare dress and the side effect polka dot dress! To me nothing embodies the 50’s look better than a circle skirt and polka dots!! Especially paired with the perfect pair of heels!! I can’t wait to make the trip to the Mall Of America!!!

  9. Hourglass shapes, pencil skirts and polka dots. I love the Retro looks! I could really put a gift card to good use. Bettie Paige rocks!

  10. I personally love the era of innocense. When Rock-n-Roll, dances, classic cars and drive-in movies were a great way to pass the time. When capri pants, sweaters, form fitting dresses and poodle skirts were the essentials. I would love to go vintage, be my husband’s favorite pin-up girl and do my peacock walk with class. 


  12. ~poodle skirts…tight sweaters…hair pulled into ponytail with scarf tied in…bobbysocks….frightening hourglass dresses…cateye glasses……and a coke~ lol~

  13. A 1950s signature classic shape would be a fitted top, paired with a round, A-line skirt.  HOWEVER, you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT go wrong with the signature GLAMOUR shape of a good wiggle dress.  Oh, how I adore wiggle dresses.

  14. The 1950 started a new era and fashion sense with one item.  Undergarments.  The pencils skirts and fitted tops would not have been anything with the “new” shaping bras and risky underoos.  And let’s not forget all the amazing Pin up girl photos and pictures they came about all because of what undergarments evolved too!

  15. I think I really love all the accessories. Dresses, skirts and blouses were great! But all the accessories, I just love them. All the hats, and gloves, afghans, all the opened toed pumps. Oh, and the black and white shoes, that everyone had. I am only 30 but I had a pair of those shoes when I was younger! Second best would be the bathing suits. Some of the designs were just so cute. I tried to order a swimming suit with 50’s style, but when I found them you could only order in bulk, sad. But maybe the new store will have them!

  16. I would have to say that it is most definitely the pencil skirt and fitted top, along with the undergarments that make everything smooth and perfect underneath.

  17. The prefect fitting wiggle dress – complete with red peep-toe heels, of course.
     Otherwise I could really go on forever – a-line dresses, pencil skits, snug cardigans, aprons, etc… I love the 50s clothing!!

  18. A fitted feminine blouse. You can wear it with slacks, pedal pushers, under a cardigan or with an a-line skirt. It would have been a signature piece of clothing. The versatility of outfits that it could be worn with would have made it a must have for every woman in that era.

  19. While it may not be an actual piece of clothing, I think a strand of pearls embodies the classic look of 1950s. They can go with anything! Whether you are in your apron in the kitchen or dressed up for a night on the town, nothing completes the look like pearls. Plus, they flatter all ages and give you that certain ‘flair’ that all ladies love.

  20. The pencil skirt, it always has been, and will be an acceptable, modest and appropriate way to dress for an undeniably sexy look and can be dressed upor down easily moving from work to an evening out.

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