We “live green” 365 days a year!

Happy Earth Day from your friends at Mall of America®!

Did you know Mall of America was green way before its time? We “live green” 365 days a year! The Mall has been environmentally friendly since opening in 1992, incorporating elements such as passive solar heating, an extensive recycling program and 30,000 live plants that act as natural air purifiers.

Mall of America:

  • Recycles more than 60% of its waste – an average of 32,000 tons per year.
  • Recycles 2,400 tons of food waste to a local farm, which equates to more than a million hog means annually.
  • Converts our restaurant’s fryer fat into 600,000 lbs. of bio-diesel fuel which is used to power Mall of America security vehicles. Cool, huh?!
  • Does not use a central heating system; instead, temperature is maintained with 1.2 miles of skylights for solar energy, residual heat from light fixtures and body heat from you, our visitors!
  • Releases thousands of ladybugs inside the building instead of utilizing pesticides on live plants.
  • Replaced 5,600 outdated orange sodium lights in the parking ramps with custom LED fixtures that reduced the Mall’s energy consumption by 70%.
  • Offers three electric vehicle charging stations to serve owners of electric cars, bikes and scooters.


Earth Day Deals at MOA

2013 Ladybug Release video:


13 thoughts on “We “live green” 365 days a year!

  1. I don’t usually get excited about “green” initiatives because normally they’re just an effort to control. However, your mall’s efforts are amazing! I love the recycling of the fats into biofuels especially. Very cool!

    • I want to know what they plan to do when the people end of taking them home in the clothes they buy, I lived in Wisc when they took over and covered buildings, took over our homes because they thought they would be a natural pesticide…oh what a disaster. Hope they follow this and see how this will work out>>>>>

      • Mary – I think you’re thinking of Asian Beetles. Those are completely different than lady bugs. Lady bugs are not harmful to humans at all! No smell, no biting and they have a life span of 3 – 10 days.

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  6. Could you lead me to a website that explains how you turn oil from fryers into bio fuel for your vehicles? Do you do it at the mall, could you give details please… sounds exciting!

      • It is really cool to know how we can turn fats into biodiesel that run vehicles. Could you provide more information on it? Is there any videos that feature how it is done?

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  8. Just because you are release ladybugs does not mean you are eco-friendly. These ladybugs have been vacuumed out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (their natural habitat) and then put in cold storage until they are purchases. So you are removing a native animal from their habitat, releasing them on the interior and then letting them die all to “look green” for marketing purposes. There are other green / organic bio control options that could be used like green lacewings or the parasite Aphidius colemani. These insects are commercially reared so they do not decimate native populations. Please do your homework Mall of America and do the right thing by not using wild harvested ladybugs.

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