A Hockey State (of Mind)

More than just a nickname, “The State of Hockey” label captures the spirit of Minnesota’s hockey obsession.

55425 Mall of America Hockey
55425 Mall of America Hockey

Is it the frigid temperatures or the backyard rinks you love about hockey in Minnesota? Do you most enjoy cheering on neighbors, friends, or the home team? Whatever your hockey traditions, here is what makes Minnesota the one and only State of Hockey.

We’ve got unparalleled passion.

Walk into any Minnesota-themed store in Mall of America® and you can feel it. In Minnesota, hockey is more than a game—it’s a part of life. Did you know that Minnesota ranks first in the nation in number of players registered by USA Hockey? A whopping 57,107 players from Minnesota make up 10.5% of the national total.

When it comes to high-school and college puck, we top the charts there, too. The State of Hockey boasts five Division I college hockey teams, and a high school support system like no other. In 2015, a record-setting total of 135,000+ people attended the state high-school hockey tournament at Xcel Energy Center, home of the NHL Minnesota Wild.

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55425 Mall of America Hockey

55425 Mall of America Hockey

It starts at home.

Minnesota, also nicknamed the Land of 10,000 Rinks, produces more NHL players than any other state, according to the State of Hockey. We have also produced two thriving NHL franchises in our time: The North Stars and The Wild.

Mall of America is lucky to be a part of Minnesota hockey culture. The newest attraction at MOA®, Smaaash, boasts the title of the Official Hangout of the Minnesota Wild. Over the past month it has been visited by Minnesota Wild players Zach Parise, Charlie Coyle, Marco Scandella, Jason Zucker, and Devan Dubnyk.

The sport embodies who we are as Minnesotans, with our passion and rich heritage. We love celebrating the game that helps make this a great state for living and visiting!

55425 Mall of America Hockey

It’s in our blood.

If you’ve ever been to a Minnesota Wild game, you’ll know the sublime feeling when they play the State of Hockey Anthem. Nothing captures our love for the sport better than the last verse of the song:

We will fight to the end

We will stand and defend

Our flag flying high and free

We were born the child

Of the strong and Wild

In the State, the State of Hockey.

55425 Mall of America Hockey

We love living in a state where people feel more comfortable on a pair of skates than in a pair of shoes. Lace up and join us in celebrating the great State of Hockey!

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