A Beginner’s Guide to Shake Shack

On Culinary on North lives a legend among hot dog and burger aficionados. Consider this your introduction.

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack
55425 Mall of America Shake Shack

Lately, when I tell people that I work at Mall of America®, one of the first questions I get is if Shake Shack (Level 3, North) is really as good as all the hype.

In a word: yes.

Shake Shack® is a staple on the East Coast, especially where it originated in New York. It grew from a modest hot dog cart to a nationally renowned fine casual restaurant, specializing in hot dogs, hamburgers and their famous frozen custard blended with mix-ins, known as “concretes.”

Now we finally have one in Minnesota.

Understandably, Shake Shack coming to Mall of America is a big deal for people who’ve never experienced the restaurant in all its glory before now. As somewhat of a Shake Shack super fan, I thought I’d share my recommendations for those of you making your first pilgrimage to the Shack. Grab a friend, and try these tasty treats…

Shack-cago Dog®

As I mentioned, Shake Shack started as a hot dog joint. So you have to try their premier dog, covered in tons of veggies and mustard.

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack


Shake Shack’s burgers are second to none. There’s a reason that they’re so popular all around the country. Get the original ShackBurger on your first journey, then experiment with the SmokeShack or ‘Shroom Burger the next time around.

Chick’n Shack™

It was only this year that Shake Shack introduced a chicken sandwich known as the Chick’n Shack to their national menu, and already it’s a huge hit. Definitely sink your teeth into one of these on your maiden Shake Shack voyage.

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack


A Shake Shack meal isn’t the same without the fries. You get two choices: original crinkle cut fries, or cheese fries. The correct selection is oftentimes both.

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack


For dessert, you have to try Shake Shack’s blended frozen custard treats called “concretes.” Shake Shack blended a special concoction just for MOA® known as the “Malt of America,” which features vanilla custard, peanut butter and marshmallow sauce and sugar cookies. I never say no to their Butter Coffee Blend either (also only available at this location).

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack


Looking for something to wash down all this delicious food? Shake Shack also partners with Brooklyn Brewery for an exclusive beer called the ShackMeister® Ale. You can only get the beer at Shake Shack, which means the only place you can find it in Minnesota is right here at Mall of America.

55425 Mall of America Shake Shack

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