Of Craftsman and Coffee

Tucked away in Sears you’ll find some of the best coffee in the Twin Cities.

55425 Mall of America, coffee beans, coffee and tea
55425 Mall of America, coffee beans, coffee and tea

In 1992 Sears became one of the first anchor stores at Mall of America. Since opening their doors, people from far and wide have visited looking for the perfect tool to complete a project. Perhaps it isn’t just coincidence then that nestled next to all things Craftsman are a few craftsmen of a different type.

While it might seem an odd place for a coffee shop, the fine folks at Coffee & Tea Ltd. have been serving up some of the best made-to-order beverages in the Twin Cities at this location for nearly 23 years. Every day they fire up the antique Royal roaster and set to work. The gas fired machine is monitored to make sure that beans aren’t over or under roasted — a craft and trade that is largely absent from many modern coffee shops where beans are shipped in.

Over 60 different types of coffee are available at the Mall of America location as well as over 40 types of loose leaf tea. With so many options to choose from it can seem a bit intimidating to the undiscerning palate. Coffee is just coffee to many people that are merely in need of their daily fix. However, the knowledgeable staff has made sampling their variety of offerings a bit of a discovery I’ve grown to enjoy. The one-on-one discussion that comes with each cup gives the people behind the counter a chance to share their passion, which comes through in 8- to 20-ounce doses.

55425 Mall of America Craftsman coffee

Another feature that makes this business unique is that all of their tips go to the Animal Ark no-kill shelter. They also feature Barney’s Blend: a special roast named after a dog they continue to honor by donating proceeds from the sale of this blend to the shelter as well.

Combing passions to do good while providing the best coffee available — it’s that type of service and ideology that makes Coffee and Tea Ltd. one of the best cups of coffee in Mall of America. They pour a little bit of their hearts into every cup.

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