Gifts We’re Excited to Give

From pets to parents and even best friends, our team is excited to #GiveWithJoy this season. Find out what gifts we're most excited to give!

55425 Mall of America Gift Sets from Anthropologie
55425 Mall of America Gift Sets from Anthropologie

This year, our team has been focused on giving. Giving back to the community, giving to our employees, and giving our guests the opportunity to create lasting memories with their loved ones at Mall of America®. We’re also really excited about what we’re giving to the people in our own lives this holiday season. That’s why I wanted to share our round-up of the gifts we’re most excited to give. Hopefully this leaves you with unique ideas and inspires you to #GiveWithJoy all season long.

(I’ll kick things off!)

Emily Shannon, Digital Director

I’m excited to give my family the gift of flight! I’ll be taking the whole crew to FlyOver America for the special holiday show. We’ll cap off the evening with dinner at FireLake Grill House + Cocktail Bar in Radisson Blu.

Elissa E., Brand Design Manager

This year, I’m excited to give a good friend the Cheers Three-Piece Bento Box from sugarfina. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it! The wrapping is adorable and it combines two of her favorite things: champagne and gummy bears. Perfect!

55425 Mall of America Sugarfina Candy Bento Box

Jamey Boerjan, Events Intern

I am most excited to give my family members personalized, homemade birch wood coasters. I got the inspiration and the special embossing tools from Paper Source.

Lisa Lynn, Digital Guest Service Representative

The one gift I’m most excited to give this year is a gift set from Anthropologie! The Holiday Icon Canape Plate + Holiday Icon Mug set in ‘Mistletoe’ is going to be such a lovely surprise for my BFF!

55425 Mall of America Gifts From Anthropologie

Timothy Pate, Digital Coordinator

I’m most excited to give a relaxation kit from Bath & Body Works. It’s been a stressful year for one family member in particular, and I think she’ll enjoy the self-care items I’m compiling for her.

Kimberly Hennen, Digital Guest Service Rep

I’m most excited to give my senior Labrador retriever (she’s 14 years-old!) specialty holiday treats from Just Dogs! Gourmet. She’s going to go nuts!

55425 Mall of America Gourmet Dog Treats from Just Dogs Gourmet

Christopher Ayala, Digital Guest Service Rep

I can’t wait to gift my mom a Tory Burch purse and Gucci Rush perfume from Nordstrom. This is the first time I’ve been able to treat her for Christmas and I’m so excited about it!

Nate Sandell, Social Media Community Specialist

I’m excited to give one of the sleek and stylish button-down shirts from Hammer Made. These shirts make awesome gifts for any guy. Hammer Made is a unique store where I can find options for my dad and me.

55425 Mall of America Hammer Made Shirts

Clancy Theade, Digital Guest Service Representative

I can’t wait to give bath products from LUSH! They definitely have the most unique and out-of-this-world bubble bath materials!

Maria McGinty, Senior Marketing Manager

I am over-the-moon excited to bring my family a HUGE tin of Doc Popcorn for our family holiday gathering. It’s our collective favorite treat, and there is nothing better than having endless amounts of cheesy popcorn to enjoy with loved ones!

55425 Mall of America Doc Popcorn

Amy Struve, Events + Marketing Operations Coordinator

I can’t wait to give the Minnesota Vikings Ugly Christmas Sweater from Vikings Locker Room. My favorite team faces its biggest rival on Christmas Eve, so it will be the perfect gift for the holidays! SKOL!

55425 Mall of America Minnesota Vikings Sweater

Danielle Dewald, Retail Marketing Project Manager

I’m super excited to give my three-year-old godson the Star Wars: the Force Awakens Resistance Figure Set from the Disney Store. Star Wars is all the rage with him right now—so I cannot wait to see his face light up when I gift these fun, little, playful pieces to him!

Emily Pinard, Digital Guest Service Representative

I am most excited to give my dad a pair of the limited edition Toy Story Era shoes from Vans. The nostalgia factor brings a lot of memories to mind for both of us, and who doesn’t love a little limited edition swag?

55425 Mall of America Vans Shoes

Check out even more gift ideas in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Merry gifting, everyone!

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