Holiday Décor by the Numbers

Mall of America invites you to go behind the scenes of one of our favorite traditions-- decorating for the holidays.

Mall of America has been home to many traditions during our 25 years. One of the most beloved however, is the holiday décor that transform our hallways and ceilings into a magical winter wonderland. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes with these facts by the numbers:

It takes 15 team members from the Internal Maintenance and Electrical Engineering Departments that work together over a course of 3 ½ weeks to install all the décor. This adds up to just short of 2,000 man hours.

There are 400 decorative silver trees scattered throughout each floor in the Mall.

Nearly 3,500 poinsettias are used to help our shopping avenues shine with holiday spirit.

In line to visit Santa in Santa Land? See if you can spot all 70 silver trees that fill the space, each ranging from 8 to 15 feet tall.

There are a total of 9,934 strands of lights hung from the ceilings throughout the Mall. Some are even 50 feet long.

There are seven nutcrackers that tower over 11 feet tall.

The Enchanted Snowflakes located in the Atrium range from 4 to 12 feet in size. It takes a crew of four over the span of three nights to complete the installation.

Each of our court spaces in the Mall are home to over-sized ornaments weighing in at 200-300 pounds each. These take a full hour apiece to hang.

Each large silver tree in the Rotunda is about 44 feet tall, has 385 branches and 32,000 LED bulbs. It takes a separate team of six, and three days to complete set-up. Imagine one of these in your living room!

Throughout the mall, you can find life-size installations including a View Finder (L1, N), Rocket Shop (L2, S), Robot (L1, N) and Toy Car (L1, SE).

The larger-than-life ornaments in Nickelodeon Universe are 8 feet tall. Trees found throughout NU are 7 to 11 feet tall. These trees are wrapped in different Nickelodeon characters. Can you find them all?

Discover your tradition at MOA by enjoying the most festive of seasons down our sparkling hallways. Be sure to snap and share your photos with us with the hashtag #MOAHolidays.

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