How to Prep for “The Price Is Right” Contestant Search

The popular game show “The Price Is Right” is searching for contestants at Mall of America. Here’s how to prepare for your big shot.

55425 Mall of America, The Price Is Right logo
55425 Mall of America, The Price Is Right logo

Do you ever have the dream? The one where you’re sitting in a crowd of people, looking at a brightly lit stage, crossing your fingers and hoping to hear, “Come on down?” I know I have. If you want to make that dream a reality, now’s your chance. Mall of America® will host a casting call to find new contestants for “The Price Is Right” Sunday, July 19. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing past episodes* to bring you the following list of tips to give you the best chance of making it on the show.

55425 Mall of America, The Price Is Right

Source: Thompson Gaines

  1. Practice your excited face and celebratory dance. When George Gray calls your name, you don’t want the camera to capture your best deer-caught-in-headlights impression. The crowd loves an enthusiastic contestant, so have something prepared and give the audience something to remember you by. You can give the casting directors a taste of your routine at the Contestant Search.
  2. Contemplate your bidding strategy. Are you the person who tries to guess the exact price of items, or do you bid low and hope that everyone else is high? Show the judges that you’ve got the wherewithal to be a serious contender.
  3. Beef up those muscles. If you want to really wow the judges, show them that you will be a champion Big Wheel spinner. You’re going to want to work on your trapezoids, deltoids and latissimus dorsi, specifically. Need to kick off training? Nike (Level 2, West) and Under Armour (Level 2, West) are good starting points.

My advice aside, the most important thing is that you have fun. “The Price Is Right” is a landmark show that has been enjoyed for generations. Come join us in the Rotunda on July 19 for the chance to join the legacy of “The Price Is Right.”

And don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered!

*I did not actually spend hundreds of hours reviewing “The Price Is Right” film and cannot guarantee that this advice will get you on “The Price Is Right.”

Slider image source: CBS Chicago

Featured image source: “The Price Is Right”

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