Get Me Outta Here: The Escape Game at Mall of America®

Don't be clueless! Minneapolis' hottest immersive escape experience is just around the corner at MOA®.

Did you hear the news? America’s #1 escape room experience has arrived in Minneapolis. The Escape Game is now open on Level 3, East in Mall of America. Here’s what all the hype is about.

The Escape Game is a completely immersive, interactive experience. From finely detailed set design to a wide range of puzzles, the experience is consistently surprising. They welcome gamers + enthusiasts, family + friends, coworkers, tourists + travelers and anyone just looking for a challenge. No matter why you’re in the arena, The Escape Game is the perfect puzzle-solving, bonding experience for people of all ages. After all, nothing beats the thrill of overcoming a challenge and achieving your goal as a team!

So how does it work?

Small groups of 2 – 8 people must work together, think strategically and test their skills to escape from a locked room in 60 minutes or less.

Pro tip: Reserve a time online in advance to beat the crowds and escape the game!

That’s it? Not quite!

“While the goal is simple, the game is challenging.”

Remember, you only have one hour! Participants must find clues and solve puzzles together to unlock the door to the outside.

Pro tip: Anything—literally anything—can be a clue! 😉

Game on! Tell me more…

Check out the descriptions of their four unique game themes below. Choose wisely, then visit again until you’ve mastered them all!

  • Mission: Mars: You’ve made it to Mars, but that was the easy part. Your spacecraft has experienced some major damage and fatal radiation is headed your way. You have exactly 60 minutes to repair your ship and launch.
  • Gold Rush: You are on the hunt…for gold! Recently, a greedy gold prospector who loved to gamble has gone missing. You’ve been tipped off to where he stashed his gold… But so has the mob. Time’s ticking, start digging!
  • Prison Break: You’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime and sentenced to life in prison. Your cell once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace. Can you follow in his footsteps and find a way out?
  • The Heist: Can you beat an art thief at his own game? Your mission is to infiltrate the thief’s private office and steal back a famous piece of art.

I’ve tried Prison Break and The Heist so far, and I can’t believe how creative these games are. It’s like living your own thrilling movie for an hour with your friends.

Our best advice: View The Escape Game’s FAQ here. Then, click here to book now or call 952.856.3374 for more information.

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