An Unlikely Pair

Dresses + Sneakers: A Trend on the Rise

It’s summa summa summa time! One of the most anticipated trends I’ve been waiting to sport this summer is the unlikely pairing of dresses and sneakers. Dresses are my absolute FAVORITE spring/summer item. They are extremely easy to wear, comfortable (well, for the most part) and make you look effortlessly chic and put together. Dresses look great with heels, sandals, mules, you name it. Until recently, however, pairing sneakers with a dress, other than with the occasional pair of converse, was considered a major fashion faux pas. That is all changing now. With “athleisure” and the current “normcore” trend on the rise, sneakers have become a major staple in fashion. So it was only a matter of time before these two fashion items got together!

My awesome colleague, Kelsey, and I put together a few looks to showcase some fun ways you can sport this trend.

Classic + Chic:

All Black Everything:

Whimsically Casual:

*All sneakers are curtesy of Ugg®Austrailia

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