Wedding Guest Attire

You're invited! Congratulations! Now comes the real question, what are you going to wear?

It’s officially wedding season!  Now is the time to share one of the happiest times with your loved ones, but what are you going to wear?  We turned to our friends at Nordstrom and found some exquisite pieces for three specific wedding attires; black tie, rustic, and beach.

Black Tie:

Let’s start with black tie.  What’s the first thing we think of?  Black.  Guess what?  That’s completely okay, you can absolutely wear black to a wedding.  There was once a rule that black should be reserved for more somber events, but I am happy to report that is no longer the case.  Not wearing white on the other hand is definitely still a rule.  Do not wear white, I repeat, do not wear white to a wedding. I love a black-tie affair because it’s an opportunity to be at our most formal and who can pass that up?  Here’s Hannah modeling two long gorgeous numbers that had us all swooning.

Traditionally, black tie dresses are dark in color, but I’ve seen more “Creative Black Tie” dress-codes as of late that allow you to take a bit more liberty with color and pattern.  Personally, I love this little red dress that Maya is wearing.  I would say that technically it’s a cocktail dress, but not to worry.  Simply amp it up with some sparkle in the accessories department, dare I say a tiara?  To keep the creativity going, here I am in a mermaid skirt and crop top, still feeling very formal and chic.


Now for something completely different, rustic.  I am obsessed with the rustic trend, probably because many of my loved ones have gone this route, and it is therefore linked to some of my very fondest memories.  Rustic does not mean casual, it’s still a wedding, and formal wear can look really great against all those dark wooden backdrops.  It’s formal yes, but it’s fun formal.  It’s a formal that you can dance in, that you can get a little dusty in, it’s a formal that you can sit on a hay bale in, and that’s just fine.


Let’s head to the beach!  Remember first and foremost to be practical here.  Firstly, if it’s a beach wedding, it’s probably a destination wedding.  This means that you’re traveling, so your look should be pack-able.  We can also also assume that you’re traveling somewhere warm and that the sun will be shining, so wear something that cool that you won’t melt in.  Think lite linens, avoid polyester.  If I’m honest, this is the look I struggle with the most.  I am an Irish lass and my people are not meant for the equator.  Sun protection is one of my number one concerns on any day, but especially at the beach.  I picked  a fun, kicky jumpsuit that would keep me cool and covered.  I added the sweetest shoes I’ve ever seen for a pop of color and of course, I must wear a hat.  Kirsten’s also looking so fun, easy breezy, functional, and ready to celebrate in gingham!

When it comes down to it, wear something that you’re going to feel good in.  You should express yourself and your individuality, but remember that the couple probably has a vision and to dress accordingly.  Above all else, don’t forget to have fun!


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