St. Patrick’s Day – Emerald Isle Style

This Saturday is St. Patrick's Day! Here's how to have your luckiest day at MOA®

You may have guessed from my last name that I am a proud Irish lass, and we all get to be a little Irish this Saturday! St. Patrick’s Day is an exciting time to show off your greenest, luckiest, most clover-filled looks.

What to Wear?

I’m sure you are already very familiar one fashion rule of St. Patrick’s Day; wear green.  You don’t need my help with this, you know what green is.  It’s what happens when you mix yellow and blue, and you can find green clothing almost anywhere.  If you’re aiming for the minimum style requirement, just throw on some green, and you can stop reading now.  If you’re wanting more, that means you’re ready for step two; clovers.  Again, you know this already.  We’re not reinventing the wheel here.  They’re a bit harder to find than simply “the color green,” but not by much this time of the year.  You can find hats, headbands, jewelry, funny T’s, anything you’d like.  Dawn these Irish themes, and you’re ready. Well done, you!  Try these pieces from Ragstock for your clover inspiration. 


Still here?  Oh my friend, that means you’re holding out for the real deal.  If you want to stand out from the rest of the clover covered  mass and make a real, Emerald Isle statement.  Got Kilt is the store for you.




I learned a lot during my visit to Got Kilt earlier this week.  Technically, the kilt photographed above is not Irish, it’s Scottish.  The Scots dawned a tartan print that indicated which family, clan, or profession they belonged to. The Irish on the other hand wore solid colored kilts which represented their religious affiliations.  The fine folks at Got Kilt assured me that one could wear a bold tartan print during St. Patrick’s day and that no one would bat an eye, and I’m taking their word for it.  Of course they have plenty of solid colored kilts to chose from as well if you’re feeling more traditional.  It’s not just kilts, they have stunning scarves like the one featured in this post, jewelry, shirts, leather-bound books and journals, and plenty more.  I am very excited to wear my new family crest pin not just on Saturday, but everyday.  


Where to Go?

Alright, you’ve got your outfit.   Where to show it off?  We’ve searched MOA dining scene for the best place to celebrate and found an exciting, yet surprising destination for you.  Margaritaville.  


That’s right, that island feel is now the emerald island feel.  I don’t usually associate Margaritas with St. Patrick’s day, but I’m always open to new traditions.  They’ll be serving the “Lucky Landshark,” the “Off To See The Leprechaun Marg O’ Rita,” and an “Island Shamrock” shot.  They’ll also be offering 17% off all of the green merchandise in their store.  

 Now all that’s left is to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! 

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