Spring Break Packing Guide

Ready for some warm weather? So are we! Get some packing tips and inspiration for the ultimate Spring Break.

Minnesota winters can be tough- trust me, I’m ready to head for some sand, sun and seventy-degree weather. While dreaming of your Spring Break getaway is fun, actually packing for it is another story. I’ve created a list of packing tips and searched the Mall for some of my favorite vacation necessities.

Tip #1: A Carry-On Is Your Best Friend

You only need a carry-on. Trust me on this one; unless you’re going on Spring Break for more than month, you can fit everything you need in that sturdy little bag. You’ll never have to worry about lost luggage, won’t have to pay to check a bag + don’t need to bring that many clothes. Plus, once you get to your destination, it’s a lot easier to maneuver than dragging around a massive suitcase. I recommend the Black Label Lite-Cube DLX Spinner from Samsonite. It has a TSA-Approved lock and is incredibly lightweight and durable.


Tip #2: Minimizing Color Maximizes Combinations

Warm vacations might make you want to pack every color of the rainbow, but keep in mind that neutrals are pretty interchangeable. Packing more of them will give you more outfit combinations – which is a great thing when you’re only bringing a carry-on!


Tip #3: Three Pairs of Shoes Will Get You Through

This is the tip I break most often because I love shoes, have way too many and almost always over-pack them. Three pairs of shoes are all you really need. Pack a comfy walking shoe – my favorites are Birkenstocks, one beach shoe + one pair of heels for dinner or a night out. Once everything else is packed and you have room left, feel free to stuff another pair in there.


Tip #4: Love Your Tote Bag

Most airlines allow one carry-on bag – dimension vary, read that fine print carefully – and one bag that fits under the seat. I like to have a large tote bag for going to the beach or pool when I’m on vacation. More often than not, that tote bag won’t fit in my suitcase. Use your tote as your under seat bag, but keep it as empty as possible on the way to your destination; totes are perfect for stuffing all of your souvenirs in on the way home.


  1. Old Navy – Level 1, East (E138)
  2. Express – Level 2, West (W204)
  3. Urban Outfitters – Level 1, West (W122)
  4. Express – Level 2, West (W204)
  5. Anthropologie – Level 1, Central Parkway (128)
  6. Anthropologie – Level 1, Central Parkway (128)
  7. Old Navy – Level 1, East (E138)
  8. Express – Level 2, West (W204)
  9. Anthropologie – Level 1, Central Parkway (128)



  • You don’t need more than a carry-on
  • Bring a lot of neutrals to maximize your outfit combinations
  • Three pairs of shoes are all you really need
  • Use your beach tote as an underseat bag to stuff your souvenirs in on the way home


Have a great Spring Break and be sure to share your #MOAfinds and tag @MOAstyle!

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