Flight delayed? 11 things to do at MOA®

If you're stuck at MSP with time to kill, here are 11 ways to make your delay more enjoyable at Mall of America®.

Flight cancelled or delayed? We’ve got good news: Mall of America is just a 13-minute light-rail ride away from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Add some excitement and adventure to your next extended layover. Here are 11 ways to pass the time while you’re grounded.

1. Fly…kind of…at A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation Center or Flyover America.

Determined to fly? You can still experience the thrills of the open air at FlyOver America (Nickelodeon Universe) or A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation Center (Level 3, East). FlyOver is a 4-D flying ride that takes you soaring over some of the most incredible sights in America. Cruise through the Grand Tetons to the coasts of Hawaii (and more) in this immersive, sensory experience that will leave you breathless.

If you’ve always wanted to test your hand at flying a plane, head to A.C.E.S. to experience a stunningly realistic combat flight experience. Fly legendary WWII Fighters like the P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair and the Supermarine Spitfire.

Time commitment: 45 minutes — 1 hour


2. Take advantage of no tax on clothing or shoes (and maybe buy a bigger carry-on bag).

New shoes? A dress for your sister’s wedding? Now that you have some unexpected free time, get caught up on your shopping. If you’re from out of state, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that Minnesota has no sales tax on shoes or clothing, meaning you can feel good about grabbing new goods while you’re in town. Grab the Mall of America mobile app to help you quickly find stores you want to visit.

Head to House of Samsonite (Level 1, West) if you need more luggage for your goodies.

Time commitment: As long as you can shop!


 3. Keep your curious kids busy.

If you’re grounded en route to a family vacation, fret not, we have what you need to entertain the kiddos for hours. The Crayola Experience + Store (Level 3, SE Court) is a creative wonderland featuring 25 hands-on attractions that are fun for all ages. Many of our guests say they could easily spend a whole day there. Get ready to make your own crayons, create digital art and watch it come to life, and shape and mold your own sculptures. A play area allows the little ones to burn off energy before the long flight to your final destination.

Time commitment: 2-4 hours (though some say they could stay all day!)


4. Get your airline food fix on the ground.

If you’re dying for peanuts, pretzels and cookies, you can chow down on your favorite (enhanced) airline munchies right here at MOA. Head to Wetzel’s Pretzels (Level 1, West) for premium pretzels with a variety of toppings. Or swing by Great American Cookies (Level 3, South) for fresh-baked, doughy goodness. You can even grab chocolate-covered peanuts at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Level 1, East).

Time commitment: Fast!


5. Slip into something more comfortable.

Feeling a little restricted in those pleated khakis? Feet aching in those stilettos? Slip into some athleisure and feel the stress melt away. Check out Athleta (Level 1, South), Fabletics (Level 1, South), Calvin Klein Performance (Level 1, South), The North Face (Level 1, South), Under Armour (Level 2, West) or lululemon athletica (Level 1, South). If you’re going to be delayed, you might as well be comfy.

Time commitment: As long as you can shop! 


6. Find the fun in turbulence.

Not bothered by take-off or landing? Do you scoff at a little turbulence? If you’re an adventure-seeker who loves soaring miles above the earth, see how much you can handle on the 27 thrilling rides in Nickelodeon Universe®. Spin around, go upside-down and slice through the air — it’ll make flying feel like a walk in the park.

Time commitment: 1 — 2 hours to go on several rides 


7. Meet some ocean life before you reach the beach.

If your destination is somewhere tropical (or if you wish it were), get to know the sea creatures you’ll be encountering at SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium (Level 1, East). Get up close and personal with sharks, turtles, jellyfish, seahorses and more. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing 300-foot glass underground tunnel. You’ll practically be a marine biologist by the time you catch your flight.

Time commitment: 1 — 2 hours


8. Stress eat your frustrations away at Shake Shack.

You’ve had a long day, and nothing helps soothe the travel blues like burgers, fries and delicious frozen custard. If you’ve never had Shake Shack (Level 3, North), now’s your chance to see what all the talk is about. If you’re a Shake Shack aficionado, stop by for our location’s signature ice cream concoction, the Malt of America ( vanilla custard, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, crumbled sugar cone cookie and malt powder). Hope you packed your stretchy pants.

Time commitment: 1 hour


9. Say goodbye to your worries with a massage, manicure or pedicure.

Those plane seats can be tiny. Ease tension on tired shoulders and necks with a pay-by-the-minute massage at Relaxing Massage (Level 3, North). You can also de-stress tired feet by indulging in a pedicure at L.A. Nails (Level 3, West) or Nail Trix (Level 3, East). Take this opportunity to unwind during your layover. Complement your quest to relax with essential oils from Aveda (Level 2, West) or Intelligent Nutrients (Level 1, South).

Time commitment: 1 — 2 hours


10. Enjoy Happy Hour to take the edge off your travel woes.

It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Check out our list of Happy Hour specials at restaurants throughout the Mall to find the perfect beer, wine or cocktail to help you pass the time.

Time commitment: We would never limit your fun. Just make sure you consume responsibly.


11. Don’t sleep on the airport floor.

Delayed overnight? Treat yourself to a room at JW Marriott (2141 Lindau Lane) or Radisson Blu (2100 Killebrew Drive). Both are directly connected to MOA, so you can head straight to your room when you’re worn out from shopping and playing. Fall back onto a soft bed and binge watch your favorite cooking show.

Speaking of which, both hotels have incredible restaurants, too. At JW Marriott you’ll find Cedar + Stone, Urban Table (Level 1, JW Marriott), with delectable meals from celebrated Executive Chef Evertone Clarke. And FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar (Level 2, Radisson Blu) boasts amazing local dining with fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. Pro tip: try something made with honey from the bees that live on the roof.

Time commitment: Overnight



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