Out of the Gym Bag

Any reason to shop is a good enough reason for me, even if it includes that dreaded three letter word, G-Y-M.

The idea of going to the gym is not a pleasant thought for me. I am much happier going home and slipping on cozy slippers than lacing up a pair of sneakers. With 2016 in full force, the anticipation that I would be suckered into a gym was at the front of my mind. I stopped into some of the athletic stores around the Mall hoping to find some inspiration and was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. Not being a gym girl, I wanted these pieces to transition into my everyday life too. Who knew that fashion could hide in a gym bag? Between the sweaters, dresses and scarves, do I dare say I could wear these pieces out to lunch? I might just have to rethink my wardrobe to include some of these key athleisure looks, gym or no gym.


  1. Rain for Daze Jacket at Lululemon // $178
  2. Cool Racerback Tank at Lululemon // $42
  3. Barre Star Pant at Lululemon //$98
  4. Purist Cycling Water Bottle at Lululemon // $18

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