The Art of Accessorizing

Your white T-shirt + jeans just got a whole lot less basic.

I’m the kind of girl that can’t make up her mind, at least when it comes to fashion. With so many fun styles and trends, I have a hard time sticking to just one. This is where accessories come in. Most people look to them for that finishing touch, but these outfit add-ons can do so much more than that! They allow us to transition between different looks and adopt new trends with ease. I wanted to play around with this idea, so I challenged myself with the task of styling a single, base outfit three different ways. Once you understand how to utilize the power of accessories (just look at what I’ve done with a plain white tee and jeans!), you will have lot more fun and freedom with your wardrobe.

Look One: Walking on the Edge



  1. Hat, Chapel Hats  // $32
  2. Moto Leather Jacket, Lucky Brand // $449
  3. Silver Pendent Necklace, Lucky Brand  // $49
  4. Silver Hoop Earrings, Lucky Brand // $25
  5. Sabreena Heel, Lucky Brand  // $99


Look Two: Sweet Simplicity



  1. Farah Garden Scarf, Lucky Brand  // $59.50
  2. Skinny Leather Belt, Lucky Brand  // $19.97
  3. Watch, Aldo Accessories  // $30
  4. Chain Bracelet, Aldo Accessories  // $15
  5. Juliett Heel, Lucky Brand  // $89


Look Three: Bohemian Rhapsody



  1. Sunglasses, Free People // $20
  2. Chocker Necklace, Free People  // $38
  3. Long, Chain Necklace, Free People  // $48
  4. Chain Bracelet, Aldo Accessories  // $15
  5. Bangle, Bracelet Set, Aldo Accessories // $15
  6. Crossbody Bag, Free People  // $88
  7. Booties, Lucky Brand  // $114

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