Elizabeth + Ali’s Picks: Travel Beauty Essentials

Elizabeth Dehn + Ali Kaplan share their expert advice on what beauty products to pack when traveling.

It’s a question I’m always asking myself before I start packing for a trip, “What beauty products should I take with me, and how much should I bring?” Whether I’m heading out for a long weekend or a week away, there’s no reason I need to say bon voyage to looking my best. Yes, traveling can be stressful, but knowing which products to use doesn’t have to be. With that in mind, I decided to go to the experts and get their take on what must-haves are in their travel beauty kit!

55425: As Editors, you more than likely get to travel a lot. What has been your favorite destination to go to?

Elizabeth Dehn: We are just getting ready to take our annual family trip to Bald Head Island (BHI) off the coast of North Carolina. It’s the most peaceful week of my life: there are no cars, only bicycles, and pristine, uncrowded beaches. All we do is sleep, read and eat seafood. Heaven!

Ali Kaplan: While I love discovering new places, I always look forward to returning to Anna Maria Island, off the Gulf Coast in Florida. Once you get out to the northern tip of the island, it’s an easy walk from the gulf beaches to the ocean side with its wide swath of soft sand and gorgeous turquoise waters. Coffee, tacos, made-to-order donuts and cinnamon rolls as big as your head are just a block away from the beach. What more could any vacationer need?

55425: Any tips for packing a vacation beauty bag?

E: I’m embarrassed to say that I bring pretty much everything I use at home. I travel often so keep multiples or travel sizes of everything in clear cosmetic bags from Kiehl’s. Two lessons I’ve learned: You’ll probably need more sunscreen than you think, wear the same lipstick every day, and wish you had packed hairspray!

A: Bring multitaskers— I love my Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer—SPF 15: moisturizer, bronzer and SPF in one (available at Nordstrom). After forgetting my entire makeup bag in a hotel room in Kansas City, I started leaving my best stuff home. Now I bring a half empty Bobbi Brown concealer (available at Sephora) on trips rather than a brand new one!

55425: What are your beach bag beauty staples?

E: In addition to sunblock (I love Coola and SuperGoop – both can be found at Sephora), I always throw in some face self-tanner like Bare Minerals Faux Tan, since I hide under a hat. A sea salt or surf spray is also awesome for easy, air-dry waves

A: Sunblock and more sunblock. I like Kiehl’s, and Neutrogena’s oil free line. Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil to tame my frizzy mane. Dry shampoo (I play the field, currently plowing through a travel-size bottle of Fekkai Blowout). And even if I’ve just had a pedicure before leaving town, I tuck a bottle of the same color polish in my bag for the inevitable chipping that happens any time I’m near a pool.

55425: Do either of you have a beauty routine when you’re traveling?

E: Mine is exactly the same when I travel, I just tend to move faster. In addition to the basics, I always travel with a powder dry shampoo, sunblock and a face mask or peel for waking up dehydrated skin. In the summer, I toss in self-tanner wipes from Kate Somerville or Tan Towel (find it at Macy’s) since they are TSA approved!

A: The best summer vacations require the least amount of makeup possible. I love taking a break from the everyday routine—giving myself, and my skin, a chance to breathe!

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