4 Summer Activities to Get You Through Winter at MOA®

Don’t let the cold outside keep you from enjoying your favorite summer activities. Pack your beach towel and sunblock and defrost at Mall of America®.

55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Snorkeling
55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Snorkeling

The winter freeze has overtaken Minnesota, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. If you’re missing the warm weather and longing for a sandy beach, I’ve got good news for you: Mall of America is the perfect destination for summertime activities all the frigid winter long. Here are some of my favorite summer pastimes, available all year at Mall of America. No coat required.

Go Snorkeling

Did you know that you can actually go snorkeling at Mall of America? That’s right. Bring your swimsuit and towels, and let SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium take care of the rest. You’ll float around Pufferfish, Blue Tang (AKA Dory), the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (the state fish of Hawaii) and many more. Don’t forget to wave at family and friends who can watch you from the 300-foot underwater glass tunnel!

I went snorkeling myself recently and had a blast. There’s something special about splashing around the ocean waves, while knowing that the wintry Minnesota winds are swirling just outside.
Learn more about SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium’s Snorkel Adventure.

55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Snorkeling

Golf a Round of 18

As fun as driving a golf cart through Minnesota snow drifts sounds, trying to golf in subzero temperatures isn’t the least bit appealing. That’s no reason to let your putting game suffer during the winter months. Head to Moose Mountain Adventure Golf and play a round or two in the comfort of the indoors. Your short game will thank you when summer comes around.

55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Mini Golf

Ride Some Rides

Nothing shouts summer like a day of roller coaster rides. With Nickelodeon Universe®—the nation’s largest indoor family amusement park—you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to get your thrills. The park is consistently 70 degrees warm, so feel free to wander Nickelodeon Universe in shorts and your best Hawaiian shirt. Fill up on cotton candy and popcorn like it’s summer vacation all over again!

55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Nickelodeon Universe

While Away the Hours

Feel like kicking back in an island atmosphere with a tropical drink? Meander up to Margaritaville for a drink that pairs well with a tiny umbrella. From the classic margarita to their blended concoctions, you can’t go wrong at this Parrothead’s paradise. Salt shakers provided.

55425 Mall of America Summer Winter Margaritaville

The temperatures outside might be negative, but I’m positive you’ll forget the bite of winter at any of these Mall of America locations. Come on inside and warm up!

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