4 Ways to Embody the Bold North™

We are the Bold North. It’s who we are, what we do, and how we do things. Here are 4 ways you can show that to the world.

1. Swag

What better place for finding the Northern-most gear than Mall of America. Stop by the NFL Shop for exclusive SB LII gear + your all football team’s favorites, including pins, celebratory ticket frames and clear bags.


Don’t forget about Goldy’s Locker Room, Lids, and Vikings Locker Room for more Official Super Bowl apparel + all the attire to rep your favorite team. Even artwork and home décor can be found at Mark Herman Landmark Art to commemorate historic moments spent in the Bold North.

Super Bowl VII

2. Experience

MOA is the hottest (literally— always 72°) place to be to take in the full essence of everything that accompanies the Big Game coming to town. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few things you can expect to see at MOA:

Fan Gallery

3. Pride

Although it was a tough ending for our beloved purple and gold, pride for this state still runs deep through our veins, and we want the world to experience that. To celebrate the home team + the NFL, Gameday at MOA will feature life-sided team mannequins, authentic team uniforms to try on and photo opportunities with NFL cheerleaders and mascots in the Atrium. Pride in the Bold North is more than just a football game, it’s introducing the world to Minnesota’s authentic, diverse and innovative culture, and here at the Mall, you can discover it all.

Skol Chant

Vikings fans do the “Skol” chant at Mall of America on January 19, 2018

4. Passion

Find someone that loves you as much as Minnesotans love Minnesota. For real though. If you haven’t already figured it out, it’s all about embracing every situation and enjoying every minute of it. Zip line across the Mississippi River at 30 mph in sub-zero temps? Count me in! Jump in a frozen lake in the midst of winter to benefit charities? You betcha!  Bold new stadium, bold weather, bold sports, bold activities, bold actions, bold niceness. If there’s one impression that Minnesota wants to leave the world with after The Big Game is over, it’s to BE BOLD. The MN Super Bowl Host Committee said it best: “We throw caution to the wind-chill.”

Bold North Mittens

Looking for even more ways to embrace the bold north? Visit MallofAmerica.com/boldnorth now!

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