Dress Smart + Stylish in Minnesota

Let's just say bundling up never looked so...cool!

55425 Mall of America Warm Style
55425 Mall of America Warm Style

Here in Minnesota we’ve had quite the winter. At first we were oddly basking in 40-degree weather for majority of December until the temperature finally fell below zero and blizzards hit. With the cold temperatures of Minnesota, and plenty of tourists in town for the Super Bowl, I thought I’d take it upon myself to show everyone some of the top places in Mall of America® to get warm gear while also not cramping your style.



55425 Mall of America Warm Style

Created over 50 years ago in Sweden, Fjällräven was created to help people enjoy the country side while also ensuring their products were durable, timeless and functional. What could be better than an outfit that is not only warm but also comfortably fashionable? Fjällräven has everything from backpacks, flannels, hats, and an amazing line of the warmest and most stylish coats imaginable. Fjällräven is a natural fit for anyone who lives in the cold due to their focus on gear that can withstand any season.


North Face

55425 Mall of America Warm Style


Now if you’re a true Midwesterner, you’ll know that you could go from bundled up one minute to wearing barely even a jacket the next. That’s why no matter the season, I always have a simple black vest to wear. These vests can purchase pretty much anywhere but one of my favorite places to get them is North Face, located on level 1, South. They are a simple design so I guarantee you have something in your closet to pair it with like a flannel, solid long-sleeve or even over another jacket. One thing is for sure, you’ll be looking chic while also staying warm!


 L.L. Bean

55425 Mall of America Warm Style

Now that we’ve got you covered with jackets and vests, let’s talk the accessories of the north and that’s mittens, hats and scarves! L.L. Bean is the place to go when it comes to these winter must haves. With tons of options to choose from, comes infinite possibilities. Check out their collection of fur hats, gloves, scarves and mittens. These yellow chopper mittens are probably the warmest things I’ve ever owned and I’ll never go back to anything else but these.

These are just a few places to get some of the best warm weather gear in Mall of America. Some other options include UGG, Columbia, Macy’s, Eddie Bauer and there is certainly more where those came from!

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