4 Amazing Facial Skin Care Choices at MOA®

After a long day, take the time to de-stress with one of these skin care masks at Mall of America®!

55425 Mall of America Skin Care
55425 Mall of America Skin Care

Long hours in the office, a quick trip to the grocery store, a stint at the gym and then dinner with friends—we cram a lot into our days. Constantly on-the-go, we often fail to take the time to de-stress. Self care is essential, and you can create your own personal spa day right at home with products found at Mall of America!

A connoisseur of sorts when it comes to skin care, I wanted to treat some fellow MOA® employees to a spa break. So I helped them track down the perfect face mask for their skin types, and then we indulged. Check out these incredible masks and my teammates’ experience with each!

Lisa: LUSH Cosmetics

55425 Mall of America Skin Care

Lisa is a huge fan of LUSH products. After a quick consultation with Kevin Challender, Floor Leader at LUSH, Lisa got a full scrub facial with the “Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask.” This mask had a beautiful bright blue tone and is made with ground rice that gently exfoliates to scrub away dry skin. It also includes murumuru butter that helps moisturize the skin. Lisa said her skin sometimes gets a little red after facials, so Kevin used one more product: Eau Roma Water. This rose water helps cool irritations and helps calm, soothe and balance your skin.

Andrew: Aveda Experience Center

55425 Mall of America Skin Care

Though he’s a novice when it comes to professional skin care, Andrew has quite the flawless complexion (lucky!). The “botanical kinetics™ deep cleansing clay masque” at Aveda Experience Center was the right product for him. Aveda’s “pure-fume™ aroma” filled the air as the mask deep-cleaned Andrew’s pores and cleared away any extra oil. One of the best qualities of this masque is that it suits all skin types. Whether your skin is oily, dry or flaky, this mask is for you. While Andrew was relaxing and enjoying his spa day, the folks at Aveda served him some comforting tea (which is caffeine-free and 100% certified organic). That’s a spa day done right!

Katie: bareMinerals

55425 Mall of America Skin Care

Katie is brand new to the bareMinerals experience, but she was thrilled to try their “Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask.” The bareMinerals skin consultant, Kathy Meier, applied a generous amount of a rich forest green mask that has 4 mineral-rich clays, charcoal, and papaya enzymes in it. These ingredients gave Katie a beautiful, healthy looking glow to her already amazing skin. You won’t feel guilty pampering yourself with this mask and putting on make-up after. It pairs wonderfully with bareMinerals’ extensive make up collection, including their famous mineral foundation.

Brett (me): Sephora

55425 Mall of America Skin Care

I’m a skin-care fanatic, and I’ve used plenty of masks throughout the years. That’s why I’m always open to branching out and trying new brands. I struggle with the appearance of pores and oiliness, so charcoal products work wonders for me. Joe, my skin care adviser at Sephora, recommended the Boscia “Luminizing Black Mask.” This peel off mask has a variety of skin care benefits: it absorbs excess oils, pulls out black heads and exfoliates skin for a beautiful complexion. Boscia is a unique brand that creates all its products in a facility absent of any human contact. This process guarantees their products are the freshest they can be and completely bacteria-free before touching your skin. I loved trying out this new mask, and you will too!

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