Swedish Heritage in the Midwest

Founded in Northern Sweden, Fjällräven is a company that specializes in durable outerwear, apparel and gear solutions for any weather condition.

“The year is 1950” and one 14-year-old boy is thinking that backpacks are not particularly comfortable for any age or gender. Åke Norden decided he was going to do something about it, so along with the help of his mother’s sewing machine, he created a bag out of strong cotton material that he attached with leather straps.

Åke had successfully created what is now known as the Kånken! The backpack frame for the Kånken was the start of Fjällräven (meaning “Arctic Fox” in Swedish) that Åke founded 10 years later and where he realized there was a market for functional outdoor equipment. Gradually the brand expanded into even more, with lightweight tents, comfortable outdoor clothing and sleeping bags that would become beloved by nature enthusiasts alike.

55425 Mall of America Fjallraven

Check out this interview with Nathan, the VP of Sales and Marketing in North America as he talks more in depth about Fjällräven and the impact it has had on the #getoutside movement! Here are three of my favorite things about this new Fjällräven store, and all that it has to offer.


Not only was the original backpack designed for outdoor activities, it was also made for Swedish school children in 1978! It’s since become Fjällräven’s most well-loved and iconic backpack for adults and children everywhere.

Principles + Responsibility

Fjällräven has three principles that guide the creation of their products:

  1. Functionality: Functional equipment that comes from smart solutions with long-lasting equipment to make time in nature more enjoyable.
  2. Durability: They pride themselves on strict requirements for their products and guarantee their customers that they will not have to purchase a new product for a long time. The production experience, choice of material and product assembly all make for a long-lasting product.
  3. Dependability: Customers know that Fjällräven sources materials and solutions for superior outdoor equipment. They test each product before delivering to retailers, so customers know they have reliable products to use on their journeys.

The Experience

Fjällräven hosts “Experiences” that offer a unique journey into wilderness. These adventures are unique in the fact that whichever place they choose, it’s rarely visited and participants get to explore by themselves. Instructors and guides steeped in knowledge of these locations organize and lead each event. A Fjällräven Experience helps spread a passion for nature to new people.

All information via Fjällräven’s website. All photos via Fjällräven’s Instagram.

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