Three Questions with Georgina Burke

Torrid’s brand ambassador shares her story and dishes out body-positive confidence.

55425 Mall of America, Georgina Burke, Torrid
55425 Mall of America, Georgina Burke, Torrid

Georgina Burke is a brand ambassador for plus-size fashion retailer Torrid, a model with JAG Models, and a positive inspiration for women around the globe. This Australian-born beauty recently stopped by Mall of America® as part of the MyTorrid Model Search, and I took the opportunity to ask her three things about being a stylish force in today’s complex fashion landscape.

Q: How did you get into the modeling industry?

A: I got into the modelling industry when I was 17 years old back home in Australia. I was attending a good friend’s fashion event when a modeling agent scouted me. Without a few shoves from family and friends I would never have taken the meeting. I was never looking to be a model as I was studying and working at a law firm. It’s funny how things just happen, but when I was given the opportunity to travel and explore the world, who wouldn’t want to jump on board?

Q: What advice do you have for women to convey confidence in their everyday style?

A: Confidence needs to come from within. No outfit looks good with a frown. Be proud, stand tall and have good under garments (that’s my key). No one knows what’s going on underneath, but if that bra makes you come alive, wear it and use the rest of your outfit to accentuate your figure!

Q: What is your favorite style trend of 2015?

A: The best style trend of 2015 would be to ignore all trends! Wear what you love and what makes you feel confident. There are no guidelines or rules in my book!

To get more Georgina, follow her fearless and fashionable posts on Instagram, keep up with her jet-setting life on Twitter, or stop by Torrid to get her looks.

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