Girl Scouts Taught You How to Accessorize

Thin Mints taught you way more than how to devour an entire sleeve of minty-goodness.

Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge
Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge

Raise your hand if you were at any point in your life, a Girl Scout. If you’re raising your hand, you’re in good company — Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Crow and Mariah Carey have all donned the green vest crested in sewn-on patches of accomplishments and have most likely pedaled our favorite cookies to friends, neighbors and family everywhere.

What you may not know, is that selling these Girl Scout cookies all those years ago gave you some pretty important life lessons! According to their official website, selling Girl Scout Cookies helps teach girls five essential life skills: money management, business ethics, decision-making, people skills and goal setting. We’re CONVINCED that all of this helped shape and form your ability to accessorize like the style savant you are — here’s how!

THIN MINTS — Money Management (The Accountant)

Selling Thin Mints taught you to manage money, and therefore, sport that fabulous wallet.

Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge

Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Leather Wallet available at Nordstrom — $98

CARAMEL DELIGHTS/SAMOAS — Business Ethics (The Lawyer)

Whether you call them Caramel Delights or Samoas, this cookie taught you to always dot your I’s and cross your t’s, and remain ethical in your business practices. This pretty pen from Swarovski will help keep your ethics in check.

55425 Earn Your Fashion Badge

Crystalline Stardust Pen available at Swarovski — $35


Your 8 year-old self probably needed some help making decisions until you started selling Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs). Now that you’re all grown up making decisions left and right, this watch will help keep you on track and on target throughout the day so you can check things off your to-do list with ease.

Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ Bracelet Watch available at Nordstrom — $225

SHORTBREAD — People Skills (The Marketing/PR Manager)

Slanging Shortbread cookies to your neighbors taught you to be confident, and unafraid to pick up the phone and call just about anyone. Your people-skills were strengthened by the sales of this sweet little cookie — so do yourself a favor and grab a new tech case for your iPhone to celebrate.

Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge

Kate Spade Confetti iPhone Case available at Macy’s — $40

PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH — Goal Setting (The Sales Representative)

There is nothing that fuels a friendly competition like setting a goal and rewarding yourself when you achieve it. Peanut Butter Sandwich sales taught us to set goals — to work for something that we really want, and when we achieve our goal, we get it! Every fashion-lover knows this is the way to work that lovely, high-end piece that you’ve had your eye on all year. What are you waiting for?

Mall of America 55425 | Earn Your Fashion Badge

Don’t believe me? Check out the Girl Scouts website and see for yourself!

The Small Bloomsbury in Grainy Leather available at Burberry — $2,095

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