Handlettering and Creative Calligraphy at Paper Source

From wall art to holiday cards, the special touch of luxe handwriting will elevate your homemade gifts from original to out of this world.

55425 Mall of America Paper Source
55425 Mall of America Paper Source

Elegant handwriting can make any craft instantly prettier and more professional. However, the art of handlettering is more difficult than it looks. Thankfully — for those of us who didn’t study art — there are resources to start crafting the handwriting of your dreams!

I stopped by a handlettering and calligraphy small-group course at Paper Source (Level 1, North) to learn a few tips and tricks. Paper Source offers these lessons four times a month, in subjects ranging from card-making to stamping and of course, handlettering.

A Course at Paper Source

When I arrived at my small-group session, the handlettering instructor, Taylor, was prepared with more pens than I own. She gave me a beginner’s lettering book ($19.95), a Pigma Micron pen ($4.95) and a Faber-Castell black brush pen ($3.50). Then it was time to get to work.

55425 Mall of America Paper Source

Taylor introduced me to all types of new techniques and styles. I learned the core principle of handlettering: thick down strokes and thin up strokes. She showed me how to do this with the Micron pen by coloring in the down strokes. Additionally, thick down strokes can be achieved in one easy step with a brush pen.

After practicing this technique through the full alphabet a couple of times, my letters started to look like something from Pinterest (rather than something from a memo on my desk). Thanks to Taylor’s easy-to-follow building blocks of handlettering, I was able to nail down a winsome font that I can continue to practice for my holiday cards!

55425 Mall of America Paper Source

The Equipment

If you are looking to start your handlettering journey, here are the beginner’s essentials from Paper Source (Level 1, North):

  • Micron Color Pen Set: $24.95
  • Faber-Castell Black Brush Pen: $3.60
  • Creative Lettering and Beyond: $19.95

55425 Mall of America Paper Source

Looking for Ideas?

For hours of inspiration, check out Paper Source on Instagram.

To find out what lessons Paper Source offers each month, call their Mall of America® store at 952.854.1189, or visit in person to get their monthly event flyer. Remember that Paper Source carries all types of awesome products for your paper and design needs.

This was such a fun, educational experience. I can’t wait to go back and learn more!

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