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Paul Bunyan's Holiday makeover takes the over-sized sweater trend to an entirely new level.

Since its grand opening in 1992, our amusement park has undergone many changes.  Through it all, one man has stood the test of time.  Proudly guarding his log chute realm, Paul Bunyan has been a testament to the strength of Minnesotan tradition.  Believe it or not, after 25 years, our friend Paul finally got some new threads.

It’s holiday sweater time, and why should such an iconic man miss out on the fun?  As you know, Paul does everything big, and his taste in fashion is no different. Giving new meaning to the over-sized sweater trend, you can now spot Bunyan sporting a 30lb, fully lined, polar fleece Christopher Straub original.  You read that correctly, Minnesota native and contestant on season six of “Project Runway” Christopher Straub designed Paul Bunyan’s sweater.  You are right to be jealous.

With 9ft long sleeves and a 90” neck, the task of dressing Bunyan was as large as the man himself.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, Straub jumped at the “Opportunity to dress an icon,” and as he puts it, the chance to “make something so absurd.”

“One million things could have gone wrong,” says Straub.  Miraculously, nothing did.  Three hours, four people, a few ladders and lifts, and 30 yards of Velcro later, Bunyan was dressed to impress.

Believe me, the photos do not do it justice.  Check out Paul Bunyan’s makeover for yourself at the Yule Log Chute inside Nickelodeon Universe.  Hurry though, he won’t be decked out forever.  We all wish the holidays could last all year long, but don’t fret.  You can pick-up a souvenir pin at the Moose Mountain store on Level 3 North, and remember the experience all year long.

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