Holiday Cooking with Chef Laura Bartholomew

With the New Year approaching fast, expert Chef Laura shares her cooking advice for the holidays.

55425 Mall of America Holiday Cooking
55425 Mall of America Holiday Cooking

55425 Mall of America Cedar + Stone

The holidays not only make my heart happy, but also my stomach. Nothing beats cooking a delicious meal with friends and family to enjoy the holidays. My friends at Cedar + Stone, Urban Table know this best.

Cedar + Stone, Urban Table, nestled on the first floor of JW Marriott, has a menu that offers refined, crafted dishes that incorporate Minnesota’s natural roots and local culture right in the ingredients.

I got the chance to chat about the holidays and seasonal dishes with Executive Sous-Chef Laura Bartholomew of Cedar + Stone, Urban Table. Here’s what she had to say!

Q: What do the holidays mean to you?

A: Growing up, family time usually included preparing meals together with my mom, dad and sister.  This was especially true, as my sister and I got older, during the holidays. So the holidays always remind me of my family and cooking.

Q: What do you do for the holidays?

A: Now with me in Minnesota and my family back in New York, I actually really enjoy working during the holidays! I love being able to serve others during this special time. It’s also nice to give back time to my colleagues who do have family here.

Q: What advice would you give someone preparing a meal for the holidays?

A: Don’t over-complicate the menu. Keep it simple. Rather than doing 12 different dishes, make larger portions and stick to 5-6 really solid dishes.

Q: What is your favorite holiday dish?

A: Monkey bread. For as long as I can remember, there hasn’t been a holiday I’ve not had monkey bread on the table. To this day even, I make it for myself during the holidays!

If you’re looking for a new, delicious dining experience, make sure to visit Chef Laura at Cedar + Stone, Urban Table inside the JW Marriott. Stop by this holiday season and enjoy two special holiday-inspired menus:

  • Christmas Day—an a la carte menu featuring four chef-crafted dishes with holiday twists.
  • New Year’s Eve—an a la carte menu featuring five chef-crafted dishes all delightfully paired with champagne, hand-picked by restaurant Sommelier Peter Plaehn.

Happy eating, and happy holidays!

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