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Learning how to apply false lashes at Macy's

Celebrities like the Kardashian’s have popularized full-glam makeup looks in recent years. Lash extensions as well as tinting are increasingly popular. I have incredibly light blonde lashes, so achieving a full-glam look naturally is a little difficult. False lashes are a really great, temporary solution for a more dramatic makeup look. I love wearing them for special occasions, like a wedding, or just when I want to feel a little fancier.

Lash Application at Macy’s:

One thing that a lot of people have troubles with is deciding which lash is best for their eye shape. That is where Sabrina comes in. Sabrina was my fantastic makeup artist at Macy’s and really helped me find the perfect lash. She wanted to apply a lash that was dramatic but could pass as natural if you didn’t look too closely. We settled on Tarte’s Center of Attention lashes. In addition to being beautiful, they are vegan and cruelty-free!

The actual application only took a few minutes, but required precision on Sabrina’s part. She measured the lashes to my eye and didn’t end up needing to cut any length. Sabrina took the time to teach me how to apply them. Finally, she applied a layer of mascara to bond the falsies to my natural lashes.

The Final Result:

When I looked in the mirror after the application I was absolutely delighted with how they turned out! They were dramatic but not outlandish and blended seamlessly into my natural lashes. They were comfortable + glamorous. I look forward to wearing them for a special occasion- or whenever I want to get a little more glammed up again.

Macy’s is located at 4000 SW Court. They have promotions all month long; visit Beautiful May for more information.

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