Living “The Taco Cleanse” at Mall of America®

Food fads are all the rage. But a taco cleanse? Sign me up for that bandwagon.

Dietary cleanses are sweeping through the social feeds of millennials faster than Flash on his way to the end of the Universe. Guess what? Your body is actually a near perfect cleansing machine! You possess an amazing system that cleanses your body all the time. Just don’t fill it with too much garbage. That’s the trick.

Despite my aversion to fad diets, I was nonetheless intrigued when Jennifer Aniston recently made headlines with her plans to try the so-called “Taco Cleanse.” Gasp. It sounded too good to be true.

It turns out “The Taco Cleanse” is a cookbook with a sense of humor and a meal plan I fully endorse. In this book you’ll find 75 recipes paving the road to tortilla nirvana. And it can be found right here at Barnes & Noble (Level 1, East) and Urban Outfitters (Level 1, West).

I love me some tacos. I will jump on a taco fad faster than an aging lineman on a loose ball in the hopes of one last shot of gridiron glory. So, armed with a copy of “The Taco Cleanse,” I set out to enjoy all the tacos I could find in this 5.6-million-square-foot dining, entertainment and retail paradise. To the surprise of no one I made some delicious discoveries. It turns out this wasn’t so much a cleanse as it was an exploration into the art of dining with no remorse.

Cantina Laredo

The new niño on the block delivered a serious face punch of flavor. The Tacos de Barbacoa are some of the best I’ve had. I’m a sucker for slow-roasted brisket and this was the perfect lunch portion. Couple this plate with guacamole made table side and you’ll want to spend the rest of your day sipping sangria at the bar.

55425 Mall of America Taco Cleanse

Cantina #1

Say you fancy a trip around Mexico but you only have time for nine tiny tacos and one karaoke rendition of “Living La Vida Loca.” Solution: Cantina #1’s Taco Sampler. Boom! While the menu offers plenty of specials and different tacos to tempt your oh-so discerning palette, the sampler is the best way to get a bit of everything. Shrimp, carne asada and nondescript fish tacos—three of each.

55425 Mall of America Taco Cleanse

Twin City Grill

Chef Fernando at Twin City Grill mixes it up so every week the taco roulette wheel lands on something different. My last visit brought forth Walleye tacos. A little Minnesota got into my Mexico but that’s OK. It was absolutely delicious and I learned a thing or two about love. Seriously, check out the specials, trust the process and let Fernando be your guide to culinary delight.

55425 Mall of America Taco Cleanse


Tucked away in the Burgers & Sandwiches section at CRAVE you’ll find the Kogi Beef Tacos. This is another one where you just have to trust me. They might be known for burgers and sushi but that’s only because you haven’t had these tacos yet. You will find yourself the next day, in a meeting, thoughts drifting to the succulent glory of beef short rib and kimchi. You’ll look for an excuse to go home early and get these tacos again.

55425 Mall of America Taco Cleanse

Ready to go through tacos with the same reckless abandon I’ve shared? These restaurants and more at Mall of America can help you embark on your own life-changing journey.

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