Embracing + Enhancing Natural Beauty: The Makeup Lover Goes Bare

Learning to care for, embrace, and love my bare face

55425 Mall of America Beauty
55425 Mall of America Beauty

I wear makeup almost every day. I love experimenting with different products and colors and enjoy trying new looks and products. Makeup is a form of art to me. The older I get, I learn to care less about what other people think and occasionally leave the house makeup-free to run errands or walk my dog. Occasionally being the operative word. With the inception and rise in popularity body-positive and self-love movements, I am not only trying to convince myself but truly believe that a makeup-free face is not just socially acceptable, but also beautiful.

My Skincare Routine:

I am a huge fan of Lush products (located on level 1, North). Recently, I’ve branched out into their skincare line and found some products that I’ve fallen in love with. I apply their Full of Grace Serum Bar nightly to moisturize and soothe my skin. The Cosmetic Lad Moisturizer is a perfect base before applying makeup in the morning. It’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, moisturizes and absorbs so quickly! Finally, I use the Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask twice a week to calm and moisturize. Not only does it smell delicious but it’s really fun to apply!  Something that I have wanted to explore in the world of skincare are facials. I think the virality of pore clearing videos along with certain celebrities public praise of facials have piqued my curiosity. I want to get my face professionally appraised and cleaned.

My Aveda Experience:

The Aveda Experience Center offers complimentary facials- which include a consultation and product application and recommendation. They also offer a deluxe facial which includes a face mask and a hand an arm massage- for a $20 donation.  Walking into the store really is an experience as they offered me their signature tea and led over to the facial area by Megan. She asked me questions about my skin and skincare as well as asking me to pick out a word, color or image that I was drawn to. I picked the Intention Chakra, which was a pleasant scent used a few times throughout the treatment.  This winter was hard on my skin and left it dry and dull. I have also suffered little breakouts recently – yay adult acne!  The closer Megan could get me to looking like Gigi Hadid’s glowing, gorgeous self, the better.

She recommended a system of products based off of my skin and it’s needs. My favorite products were the Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion- which she applied twice during my facial because it absorbed so quickly into my skin and the Tulasa Bright Concentrate- a serum that tightens and brightens skin. After my facial my skin felt smooth, tight, moisturized and most, importantly, really, really clean. After a while, I kind of forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup. It felt so good to be able to rub my eyes! I’m so glad that I learned a little more about my skin and found some amazing new products. While I don’t think I’ll go makeup free daily, I’ll be sure to give my skin some much needed R&R.

The Aveda Experience Center is located on level 2, West. It is recommended to make an appointment for your complementary or deluxe facial.

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