Technology Test Drive: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be available April 24, but you can try it on at Mall of America® now.

55425, mall of america, apple watch, smart watch
55425, mall of america, apple watch, smart watch

The watch I wear on a daily basis is unremarkable to say the least. It has an expansion band made of gold-colored metal and a scuffed, plain face. I’m pretty sure my grandpa gave it to me after receiving it as a bonus gift from a TV offer. It tells the time, and that’s it. So I was a bit skeptical whether the Apple Watch — one of the most advanced watches available — would fit my style.

My doubts, however, were quelled immediately when I first tried on the Apple Watch at MOA’s Apple Store, where you can do so yourself now.

The Apple Watch comes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes; so Apple’s claim is literally true: “There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.” I tried on three models: the Apple Watch Sport 42mm with the Space Gray Aluminum Case and Black Sport Band ($399.00), the Apple Watch 38mm with the Stainless Steel Case and Milanese Loop ($649.00), and the Apple Watch 42mm with the Stainless Steel Case and Link Bracelet ($999.00).

55425, mall of america, apple watch, smart watch

The Stainless Steel Case and Milanese Loop model was my favorite — the Milanese Loop allows for wide-range adjustability, and it’s easy to dress it up or down. But all three models (as well as the others I viewed) are incredible innovations in fashion and technology.

As we’ve grown to expect from Apple, they’ve managed to fulfill a need we didn’t know we had. The capabilities of Apple Watch, as well as the way it syncs with other Apple products, offer a seamless, efficient device to help you do the things you already do…just better.

Here are a few of my favorite things you can do with Apple Watch:

  • Smart replies in Messages: When you receive a text from a friend, you simply raise your wrist to read it and the message appears. When you click the Reply button below the message, Apple offers intuitive replies based on context. Wow. You can also speak into your Watch to dictate your response and then send it as an audio or text message.
  • Talk to your Watch like it’s the year 3015: All you have to do is lift your wrist and say, “Hey Siri,” and Apple Watch accomplishes a variety of tasks for you (like giving you directions, setting alarms, calling your best friend and more).
  • Control your music with your Apple Watch: Tired of pulling your phone out of your pocket every time you want to change your song? With Apple Watch, you can just select the song you want from your wrist, without awkwardly extracting your phone from your pocket or purse. Or, if you’re one of those super advanced humans with Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to music from your Apple Watch wirelessly. Game changer.

You can (and should) do what I did and try out the Watch yourself before choosing the model that’s best for you. Just schedule an appointment online, and an Apple Watch Specialist will walk you through this amazing product.

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