The Return of the Fancy Fanny Pack

Whether it’s a fanny pack or a belt bag, the practical choice has never been so chic!

55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs
55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

That’s right my dears, today we’re talking about the fanny pack. I know I know—right now memories of your dad’s mortifying ’90s attire are rushing back. How could fanny packs possibly be a fashionable choice? Didn’t that trend die out at the turn of the century? But please, hold that eye-roll for a moment and hear me out. Fanny Packs are about to become your favorite fall trend.

55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

It all comes down to the practicality. You know how great it is when you discover that your dress has pockets? Imagine a world where all of your dresses have pockets! All. Of. Them. Paradise, am I right?  And let us not underestimate the function of the belt itself. Can you say “flattering, waist-line accentuating, super accessory”?

The fanny pack has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and designers are treating it with the taste and craft that I believe it has always deserved. Color, texture, embroidery, embellishment, bedazzlement—you name it, there’s a fanny pack for that. Or, if you’re feeling extra posh: “belt bag.” Words matter.

This fall, flock to these stores for your fashionable fanny packs:


55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

Macy’s is knocking this trend out of the park when it comes to variety. The Ralph Lauren fanny pack and Michael Kors belt bag are two of my faves. They’re subtle, polished, and perfect for holding your work phone and business cards while you get things done. Two free hands: literally twice as good as one.

Urban Outfitters

55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

This Kipling bag from Urban Outfitters is the quintessential, fanny-packiest of the fanny packs.  Also, it has a fuzzy gorilla on it. You’re welcome.

Tory Sport

55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

Tory Sport has the athleisure answer to your fanny pack and belt bag needs. Yes, these bags are sporty and functional; but with an attention to detail and design that really brings it to the next level, you don’t have to compromise style.


55425 Mall of America Fanny Packs

Yes—Prada makes a belt bag too. This bag can also be a clutch or crossbody, and it’s available at Nordstrom. It’s as close to actually possessing magical properties as a fanny pack can get. I had to try it on (for research, obviously), and I must say:

It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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