Treat Yourself to Something Chocolate

Celebrate World Chocolate Day—or really any day—with sweet indulgences at Mall of America®!

55425 Mall of America Chocolate
55425 Mall of America Chocolate

Some celebrate World Chocolate Day once a year. The rest of us celebrate all year. Whichever type of celebrant you are, finding the perfect treat is a worthy pursuit. So where to look at a place like Mall of America?

I took on the task of hunting down the best chocolate options at the Mall (poor me!). Check out this list of a few of my favorite stores at MOA® that will certainly be sure to tickle your taste buds!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

55425 Mall of America Chocolate

If you’re a fan of the classics like truffles, caramel-covered apples or sea salt chocolate, then Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the place for you. With multiple flavors of these fan favorites, there is certainly something for everybody here.

David’s Tea

55425 Mall of America Chocolate

The scent and taste of David’s Tea can do wonders whether you need a boost of caffeine in the morning or something to sooth your tired throat. If you’re looking for all of the taste of dessert and none of the calories, try the Mint Chocolate Rooibos. Whether it’s iced or hot, this tea is perfect for any day!

Rustica Cookies + Creamery

55425 Mall of America Chocolate

If you aren’t a fan of the super sweet, Rustica Cookies + Creamery has got you covered with their bittersweet chocolate cookie. This deliciously chewy cookie is a fresh take for those who enjoy the subtle, bitter taste of dark chocolate. The European bakery also specializes in handmade breads, pastries + other desserts!

Northwoods Candy Emporium

What’s better than chocolate? Your favorite treat dipped in chocolate! Northwoods Candy Emporium has a large variety of dipped delights including crispy rice treats, pretzels, strawberries, cherries, potato chips + more!

Mall of America might be famous for its hundreds of shopping options and indoor theme park, but it’s also a treasure trove of delicious dessert options. If you’re looking for that perfect chocolate indulgence, any of these options are sure to satisfy!

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