The Solution to an Age-Old Problem

People often say the Fountain of Youth is just a legend, but I firmly believe it lives in Mall of America® and it’s called bareMinerals.


As I approach the big 3-0, skincare is becoming increasingly more important. My regimen is less about combating acne and more about where I can purchase the best wrinkle creams! The endless search of finding what works for my skin and my budget has been a battle. Lucky for me, bareMinerals (which has two separate locations at Mall of America, Level 1, East and Level 2, North) was within arm’s reach.


After a short consultation, my bareMinerals skin care expert helped me determine my skin type and picked out a cleansing/moisturizing regime that would be the best fit for me. I immediately fell in love with the unique combination she presented: Clay Chameleon Cleanser, Bare Haven Moisture and Skinlongevity Serum. The serum intrigued me the most because it’s made with an herb found in the mineral-rich soil of Okinawa, Japan (appropriately named “Long Life Herb”) along with California Poppy and Lempuyang Ginger Extracts.



This 3-step routine is a wonderful balance of a cleanser, serum and replenishing moisturizer to make my skin feel healthier and younger. Isn’t that everyone’s goal?

What exactly is my routine?

  1. Clay Chameleon Cleanser // $22 – After removing my makeup, I gently massage the clay between my finger tips and then on my face with a little water until the rose color clay cleanser turns into a white cream. Then I rinse well.
  2. Skinlongevity Serum // $48 – I apply this right after I use the cleanser both morning and night over my entire face and neck. This serum is very light weight and easy to apply.
  3. Bare Haven Moisturize // $35 – This moisturize is perfect to hydrate my skin. With a creamy base it is super simple to apply and wear under makeup.


Curious to find out which skincare combo is best for you? Stop by bareMinerals and give it a try!

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