Beauty Tutorial: Contouring + Blush with Sigma

A contour you can wear every day? The pros from Sigma Beauty make it easy.

Contour and Blush with Sigma Beauty
Contour and Blush with Sigma Beauty

YouTube videos of facial contouring are actually some of the most intimidating and frightening things I’ve ever seen. Contouring seems like something that requires loads of steps, countless products in numerous colors and (what seems like) hours of blending. That’s why when the experts at Sigma Beauty (Level 2, West) at Mall of America® told me they could help perfect a facial contour and blush application in just a few moments (with just a few products), I had to check it out. In this short beauty tutorial, Amanda from Sigma highlights the necessary steps to contour your face for your everyday look.

Get Help with Contouring Today

Stop by Sigma Beauty’s flagship store in Mall of America for help creating the perfect contour, including help identifying the right products and brushes. In just a matter of moments, a makeup artist can help you perfect this look (and countless others).

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