Beauty Tutorial: Polished Brows with Sephora

A strong brow is one of the boldest looks in beauty right now. The pros from Sephora Mall of America® can help you get the look.

Polished Brows with Sephora Mall of America
Polished Brows with Sephora Mall of America

If eyes are the window to the soul, then brows are basically the beautiful curtains that frame and define those windows, inviting others to peek inside. Today, it’s en vogue to rock a strong, defined brow that shapes and frames your face. In this short tutorial, Sephora Senior Artist Crystal McDevitt shows us the technique and products necessary to perfect a polished brow.

You Can Try Polished Brows Today

Stop by Sephora for a Mini Makeover in the Beauty Studio. In just 15 minutes, a beauty or skincare advisor can help you perfect this look (and countless others).

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