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Learn how to shape and enhance your brows at Sigma Beauty.

The big, the bold and the beautiful. It’s all about the brows these days. The 90’s and early 2000’s were all about pencil-thin brows. These days, it’s a different story- the brow is back. Celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins are proudly rocking their big, thick brows. While many people overdraw their eyebrows to achieve a bold look, we decided to enhance and refine Ago’s natural shape using Sigma’s amazing Brow Expert Kit. The kit includes: tweezers, scissors, brow + lash brushes, highlighter, brow powder + wax.

The Process at Sigma Beauty:

The Brow Expert Kit from Sigma Beauty really does give you everything you need to tweeze, shape and fill to create the perfect brow. Ago’s brows took no more than 10 minutes and turned out flawlessly. After a couple strays were plucked, they were brushed and filled. Finally, she finished with the highlighter on the brow bone to further define and finish the eyebrow.


The Final Result:

I was amazed at how quick and easy the process was. Within 10 short minutes, Ago had a natural but polished look. Most importantly, she was happy with the result. The Brow Expert Kit contained everything necessary for a brow transformation- at $49 I think that’s definitely worth the price.

Want to learn how to shape your brows? Sigma Beauty will be hosting beauty tutorials every Saturday in May. Their brow event will be on Sat, May 19 from 12-5. In addition to the events, Sigma is offering 25% off your purchase in May. Visit Beautiful May for more information.

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