Embracing + Enhancing Natural Beauty: The Fresh Face Gets Made-Up

Getting (naturally) glam at bareMinerals + learning about makeup

55425 Mall of America Beauty
55425 Mall of America Beauty

We all have insecurities and doubts, and makeup makes us feel better, right? It covers up those worries. However, that is temporary for me. I choose not to rely on makeup for confidence, simply because I don’t need it. I believe everyone should strive to have the type of confidence that comes from within.

Getting (Naturally) Glam at bareMinerals:

55425 Mall of America Beauty

My thought process was to achieve the best look for my face shape and tone—letting the expert at bareMinerals use her expertise. She started by trying a few colors to match my skin tone, and once she found the one, it was full force ahead. The makeover was all encompassing; the makeup artist started by cleansing and moisturizing and didn’t skip any of myfeatures during the application. I was impressed by how fast she achieved such a clean look. With the amount of steps and products, I feared it was going to be too bold, but I was pleasantly surprised at the natural-looking result.

How It Felt:

55425 Mall of America Beauty

I think bareMinerals was the perfect place for myself. Their entire philosophy is rooted in the idea of not only making women look pretty but FEEL beautiful. I never felt more natural while wearing that much makeup! I think it made me realize that my idea of “wearing makeup” doesn’t have to always mean dolled up for a night out or maintaining a sophisticated look for a professional workplace. It can be light and simple. The purpose doesn’t have to be to cover up but to accentuate the natural features of my face that already make me feel beautiful, with or without makeup.

Products Used:

55425 Mall of America Beauty

  1. Combo Control Primer
  2. Natural Complexion Rescue
  3. Bare Pro Concealer #8
  4. Original Foundation Med. Beige
  5. Mineral Veil
  6. Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer- Medium
  7. Gen Nude Blush- On the Mauve
  8. Iridescent Quartz Highlighter
  9. Gen Nude Primer- Lit
  10. Gen Nude Eye Palette- Latte
  11. One Fine Line- Straight Sprice
  12. Lashtopia Mascara
  13. Brow Master- Cocoa
  14. Gen Nude Matte Lipstick- Bo$$
  15. Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer- Addicted


bareMinerals can be founded at Level 2, North and Level 1, East.

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