Get Kylie Jenner’s Lip Color

Curious to know the color Kylie Jenner wears on her lips? The experts at MAC Mall of America® demystify this make-up mystery.

If you walk into MAC Mall of America and tell the friendly associates, “I want the lipstick that Kylie Jenner wears,” they will quickly deliver. It turns out, this is a frequent request in today’s Kardashian-Jenner fueled tabloid frenzy of a world.

55425 Mall of America Kylie Jenner

To achieve Kylie’s color, stick to a nude undertone that has just a little bit of color in it. The color experts at MAC recommend Velvet Teddy lipstick, accompanied by a Twirl lip pencil. Velvet Teddy is a matte finish deep-tone beige. It’s one of those magical beauty products that creates the illusion that while you’re barely wearing anything, you’re flawless.

55425 Mall of America Kylie Jenner

The Twirl lip pencil is a great way to make sure your lips have the structure and fullness of Kylie’s. By outlining your lips with the Twirl liner, or filling in your lips to create fullness, you’re creating the perfect base for your Velvet Teddy Lipstick.

While we may not be able to uncover all the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s beauty secrets, when it comes to Kylie’s signature nude lips, consider this case closed.

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