Try-It: Beauty Makeover by MAC

MAC Cosmetics make-up services that will leave you feeling like a beauty expert!

Who doesn’t love a good makeover story? I know I certainly do! I could browse before and after pictures all day, but re-creating them…well, I’ll leave that to the artists, at MAC Cosmetics (Level 2, West)!

55425 Mall of America makeover

My volunteer, Natasha, worked with MAC Artist Esther to create a look that enhanced her natural beauty and pushed her a little outside of her comfort zone. During the consultation Esther showed us step-by-step techniques and products we could use to master this look on our own. Natasha, who usually doesn’t wear any makeup, even built up the confidence to apply the products herself in-store and left feeling more confident and beautiful than ever!

So if you’re craving more before and after transformations, or just looking to learn a few new makeup tricks be sure to check out MAC Cosmetics Mall of America® and call 952.814.9800 to set up your appointment.

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