Fall in Love with these Valentine’s Day Looks

Three red-hot outfits for wherever your plans may take you.

There are tried-and-true staple Valentine’s Day outfits – a lacy red dress with a sweetheart neckline and red pumps comes to mind for me. I wanted to put together three red-hot looks that go beyond the red lace dress.

Look #1: Retro Red

I decided to tackle the typical Valentine’s Day outfit first. I wanted something that challenged the cookie-cutter Valentine’s Day ensemble; an outfit that is fit for a nice dinner or show but isn’t overtly lacy and girly. To be dressy, you don’t have to wear a dress. This red jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters embraces the staple color of the day but in an updated, clean silhouette. The subdued leopard-print jacket from Anthropologie has the most subtle shimmer that adds an extra dash of glamour. I love this look because it’s romantic and classy without all of the lace and frills, but if that’s your thing, embrace it and own it!

Anthropologie Leopard Jacket: $89.95

Urban Outfitters Red Jumpsuit: $79

DSW Black Purse: $29.95

Urban Outfitters Heart Earrings: $16

Look #2: Cozy and Comfy

Honestly, I feel like most of my friends prefer to spend Valentine’s Day, with or without a significant other, binge-watching Netflix and eating (insert your comfort food of choice). Maybe you prefer a night with friends for a good ole Galentine’s Day celebration (shout out to Leslie Knope). With that in mind, I wanted to put together a cozy, comfy, and cute outfit. This mon chéri graphic tee from Forever 21 will instantly add some French charm to any jeans or leggings you already have in your closet. Add this Alo Yoga jacket from Anthropologie on top; it’s perfect for snuggling up and watching a movie. My favorite part about this outfit is that it’s definitely comfy enough for lounging around the house but it’s dressy enough for a restaurant if you want to leave the house- beret optional.

Anthropologie Fuzzy Jacket: $168

Forever 21 Graphic Tee: $10.90

Forever 21 Track Pants: $17.90

DSW Silver Mules: $59.99

Urban Outfitters Red Beret: $29

Forever 21 Red Fuzzy Bag: $5

Look #3: No Red in Sight

This outfit is for the girls like me; the ones whose closets consist of mostly gray, black, and navy. Don’t get me wrong, I love color. However, just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that your outfit has to be comprised solely of bright pink and red pieces. This silvery, shimmer dress from Anthropologie is classic and is perfect for dinner or a night out. I decided to give it some edge by throwing this gorgeous leather jacket from Levi’s on top. Slip on some black block heels or patent ankle booties to complete the look.

Anthropologie Dress: $49.95

DSW Heels: $59.99

Levi’s Leather Jacket: $298


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